Kortel Kontainer Ventral V3 Light

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Kontainer V3 is a reserve outer container that allows you to front mount an emergency reserve parachute on open-style paragliding harnesses.


The Kontainer V3 light is available in two sizes, to fit all the sizes of the Kortel Krisis reserve range (and other reserves with similar pack volumes).

S size, for ultra-compact small ultralight rescues:

  • Krisis UL80/UL95/UL115
  • Karre 100
  • Krisis Rogallo II Light 100

L size, for compact larger ultralight rescues:

  • Krisis UL115
  • Karre 125
  • Krisis Rogallo II 130
  • Krisis Rogallo II Light 130

Package Includes

  • Handle
  • Reserve bridles
  • 1 pair of soft-links included
  • Removable sheath: 25g


  • Ergonomic handle for easy extraction left and right.
  • Unique anchorage built into the elevator. So you only have to connect the rescue reserve bridles to the main links.
  • Holding strap prevents the rescue from returning in case of large bulk, making extraction impossible.
  • Hook and loop surface for small instruments.
  • Guide sleeve, a removable sheath is available for connecting the reserve bridles to the shoulders.
  • Soft links - comes with 1 pair of soft-links.


Size S: 175g*

Size L: 185g*

* reserve handle, reserve bridles, 1 pair of soft-links included. Removable sheath: 25g.

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Shipping DetailsWhen in stock, UK approx 2-5 workdays, other countries see shipping page
Model StatusEnd of line
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