ADVANCE at the Coupe Icare 2016

Carlo met Valery, Greg, Roland, Peter, Vincent and other Advance staff.

Testing out the Advance Success 4


The latest harness from Advance is a refinement of the SUCCESS 3. The back protector reaches higher and is made in two sections with extra comfort foam at the top. It also has SAS-TEC side crash protection, making it a great choice for newly licensed and recreation pilots who want built-in safety that's always there.

The reserve compartment and closing system has been improved and is very tidy. The handle has an interesting design that encourages pilot to use correct technique: pulling out not up.

It features narrower webbing in places making it slightly lighter, and has a deeper seat for more leg support. It is delivered with the speed system included, and fitted!

First deliveries at dealers will be during November 2016.

Advance Success 4 details


The partnership with Evotec has produced a range of "Square Round" reserve parachutes designed for increased stability and simplicity. There's a new size SQR160 (adding to the existing range of SQR100 and SQR120). The SQR220 tandem is coming, less than 2.8 kg, max 220kg confirmed, expect it sometime in Spring 2017. They also plan to release a lightweight 100 and 120 in Spring. The target for the 100 is under 1kg.

Companion SQR range


At last, after more than four years, the BIBETA 5 is being replaced with the BIBETA 6, and it's coming in 2 sizes. Coming first, the 41 (120-225 kg, 6.95 kg) followed by the 38 (100-180 kg, 6.75 kg).

It's a completely new wing incorporating all the latest technology. What does this mean for you? Well, it's more than a kilogram lighter, so it has an easier launch, especially in marginal conditions. It comes up easier in light winds. It's also simpler to manage in strong winds because it doesn't come up so fast. Overall it's reputed to have very nice handling.

First deliveries will be during November 2016.

To complement the tandem wing, the BIPRO 3 tandem harness will make a professional’s life easier (expected early 2017).


The Advance team are working hard on late stage prototypes, but as always, the wing will only be released when it's perfect. It will be a higher level than the SIGMA 9. It will aim to retain the nice handling of the SIGMA 9 but with a higher Aspect Ratio. The pilot demands are expected to be more in the middle of the Sports class (EN C) with performance near or at the top. Advance aim to make it available in Spring 2017.

Advance Sigma 10

"Precise, stable, good performance: In Spring 2017 there will be a SIGMA 10 - now in five sizes! Even smoother wing surfaces distinguish this ADVANCE High End cross country wing - the result of another first time use of 3-way 3D Diamond panel-shaping on the upper and lower surfaces. This makes the EN/LTF C Sportster enjoyable to fly for many hours, the best condition for epic cross country flights..."