1. Flymaster LIVE DS first impressions review

    Flymaster LIVE DS first impressions review

    Flymaster’s long-anticipated double-screen Live DS has finally arrived in eager pilots’ hands. Flybubble’s Phil Clark has put one on his flight deck, and gives us his first impressions of this high-spec new instrument.

  2. Phi SCALA light review by ​Kinga Masztalerz

    Phi SCALA light review by ​Kinga Masztalerz

    Kinga Masztalerz has flown Phi's "radical 2×2 liner" for a full season in the Southern Alps of New Zealand. She tackled full-on midsummer conditions, including rough lee sides and windy valleys, launching with tail winds and landing backwards numerous times. She also took the Scala Light on solo vol-biv trips and SIV training. ​Kinga Masztalerz reviews the Scala Light, and compares it to the Advance Omega XAlps 3 and the Ozone Zeolite.

  3. Phi VIOLA wing review

    Phi VIOLA wing review

    The Phi Viola is a wing that appeals to potentially the widest range of pilots imaginable. The majority of sizes are EN A, and are thought of as lightweight hike and fly wings, and that's correct, as it's a lightweight version of the Sonata. However, it's also a very capable mainstream wing, and a mini wing for alpine flying or high wind soaring. It is able to cater for all these demands with a range of eight sizes, and certification from EN A to EN D, depending on the size chosen, and the use of extended weight ranges. 

  4. Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

    Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

    The Advance Easiness 3 is a very high quality mainstream 'hike and fly' harness that's also suitable for beginners, and those with more general flying experience but new to the hike & fly genre. It also provides a myriad of other possibilities, for "travel and fly" or cycling to sites, for example. If you're interested in this sort of harness, read on…

  5. Gin Leopard paraglider review (EN-D 2-liner)

    Gin Leopard paraglider review (EN-D 2-liner)

    As well as it's spots, The leopard (Panthera pardus) is distinguished by its opportunistic hunting behaviour, strength, and its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats including arid and mountain areas. It can move at speeds of up to 58 kilometres per hour (36 mph). Phil Clark takes delivery of his Gin Leopard (high-end EN-D 2-liner) and takes to the skies.

  6. Gin Bonanza 2 sports paraglider review

    Gin Bonanza 2 sports paraglider review

    The Gin BONANZA 2 makes it clear, it’s aiming for Sports Class, and the EN C rating leaves no room for misunderstanding: it’s only suitable for experienced pilots. It looks especially clean, high aspect and racy. Is it too hot? Carlo Borsattino tests the wing in a range of conditions in Tenerife and the UK to analyse the handling and features.

  7. Advance XI paraglider review

    Advance XI paraglider review

    The Advance XI is an ultralight paraglider for pilots who want to explore. Does this extremely compact wing retain the safety of its sibling, the IOTA 2 (EN-B)? What is the XI's character in the air? We examine the new...
  8. Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS2 ultralight pod harness review

    Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS2 ultralight pod harness review

    Skywalk is clear in their marketing that the RANGE X-ALPS2 is for top level performance: “for pilots who want to go to the limit in competitions or who insist on extremely light gear”. If you’re a podium contender for an upcoming hike and fly race, it looks like the one to have. But is it a practical option for general XC pilots wanting a lighter comfortable pod? Let’s find out.

  9. Nova ION 5 Review

    Nova ION 5 Review

    The Nova ION 5 replaces the very successful ION 4 in a very popular position in the marketplace – a wing that appeals to pilots in the cross-over between school and solo flying. As such it can’t have any ‘hot’ characteristics that would frighten students, but it must offer enough control freedom to satisfy more experienced pilots and have enough performance to begin XC adventures. The ideal compromise is hard to achieve. I tested the wing in sporty spring conditions in the UK, and added Carlo’s experience from XC flying in the mellow thermals in Colombia.

  10. Advance IOTA 2 paraglider review

    Advance IOTA 2 paraglider review

    Paragliding review of the Advance IOTA 2 high B paraglider by Flybubble's Nancy Elliott, with additional 'bonus' input from Flybubble's Carlo Borsattino. Nancy and Carlo both know the original IOTA, and many other high B wings, very well, and between them flew the IOTA 2 for over 40 hours in varied conditions in the UK and Colombia before writing this review.

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