1. Skywalk BREEZE paragliding harness review

    Skywalk BREEZE paragliding harness review

    This modern semi-reclined harness features an inflatable crash protection, which helps to reduce the weight and makes the packing size tiny. It has an integrated reserve pocket, split leg support (without a seatplate) and a lot of storage space in the rear pocket. What makes it really unique is the modular approach that allows you to zip off the protector and reserve and reveal an ultralight mountain harness.

  2. Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS2 ultralight pod harness review

    Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS2 ultralight pod harness review

    Skywalk is clear in their marketing that the RANGE X-ALPS2 is for top level performance: “for pilots who want to go to the limit in competitions or who insist on extremely light gear”. If you’re a podium contender for an upcoming hike and fly race, it looks like the one to have. But is it a practical option for general XC pilots wanting a lighter comfortable pod? Let’s find out.

  3. Skywalk CHILI4 (Paraglider Review)

    Skywalk CHILI4 (Paraglider Review)

    The Flybubble crew have now flown Skywalk's new high-end EN B wing, the CHILI4, a good amount in a variety of conditions. Carlo was charged with getting to know the CHILI4 intimately and then publish his findings. After numerous flights, lots of ground handling, and much poking and prodding, here they are.

  4. Skywalk CHILI4 review (first impressions)

    Skywalk CHILI4 review (first impressions)

    The Skywalk CHILI 3 developed a reputation as the 'climbing king' in the XC Class. It also had a fairly impressive accelerated glide, making it a favourite in the UK, where escaping from small hills usually involves pushing upwind from a poor climb before making the best of weak lift that struggles through the ground inversion and into the really good sky near the clouds. The CHILI 4 has slightly more aspect ratio, more cells, is slightly heavier and is designed with more loading. From that I'd expect the wing to be slightly faster and offer better glide. The introduction of a shark nose should increase the speed range and safety. So is it an outright winner?

  5. Skywalk POISON X-ALPS Review

    Skywalk POISON X-ALPS Review

    The Poison X-Alps seems to have a dual purpose: with a 'semi-light construction' it is aimed mainly at adventurous XC pilots while also hoping to attract pilots from hike-and-fly racing. Based on the wing Paul Guschlbauer and Stephan Gruber used in the Xalps 2015 (Skywalk Xalps 2), it has an impressive pedigree. Within the lightweight Performance Class, it has a philosophy of 'slightly heavier, slightly bulkier, more performance' construction, shared by the Gin GTO2 and Ozone's LM6. But with 80 cells and mini-ribs all along the trailing edge, the Poison X-Alps shows the greatest dedication to reducing drag.

  6. Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS vs Kortel Kolibri

    Skywalk RANGE X-ALPS vs Kortel Kolibri

    The RANGE X-ALPS is an ultralight competition harness designed for the Red Bull X-Alps 2015. It has an eye-catching aerodynamic rear fin and a narrow fit, offering maximum performance through reduced drag. Pilots competing in hike-and-fly races will be excited by the news, but is it suitable for the wider adventure-flying market, or even as a regular harness for experienced XC pilots wanting to minimise? As such it competes with our current favourite for bivi pilots, the Kortel Kolibri. In this review we compare the two and highlight advantages to help you decide which one is right for you.

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