Freeflight: Spectacular soaring

The silence of the lifting air, the steady support under your balanced wing, the endless landscape that is slowly revealed: soaring is spectacular. Flying at Beachy Head on the south coast of England.

Freeflight: Above the horizon

Some people belong above the horizon. You can tell which kind you are by some common telltales. If you know the current wind direction, and which day will be sunny this week, you probably need to get into the blue bit rather soon.

Freeflight: Levitate!

Flying can be a brief escape from a busy life crammed with other responsibilities. Finding the time to fly is part of the challenge, but you’ll be richly rewarded. Don’t wait, levitate!

Freeflight: Defining view

Let the view define you. It’s easy to become too concerned with details and forget that when flying, you are in the presence of an amazing view … and that you’re part of it.

Freeflight: Silent partner

On of the joys of freeflight is being separated from your shadow. But it’s always there, fleeting through forests, dancing over water and sometimes a close companion on the cliffs.

Freeflight: Byeways and Skyways

Paragliding over the South Downs. England’s countryside is covered by a network of public access walking paths, leading to many hidden sights. Sometimes, the sky promises more.

Paragliding XC Devils Dyke to Margate 06.08.2016

Paragliding photos from a wonderful cross country flight by paraglider from Devils Dyke near Brighton in East Sussex to Margate in Kent, via Ashford and Canterbury.

It was pretty tricky getting up – and then staying up – to being with. Eventually our patience was rewarded by an incredibly beautiful, ethereal experience soaring up the side of some beautiful sea breeze front clouds. Then we had great fun gaggle-flying with a nice group of pilots on to Lewes and beyond. Rather than shoot off ahead on our own, we decided it’d be more fun to stay with the gaggle and see how far we could all get together.

What a lovely, lovely day… 🙂

See Carlo’s flight tracklog

Photos by Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble.