Flying in Tasmania

Tasmania? Why on earth would you want to go there? In the words of local pilot Pete Steane: "make sure you tell them the flying is shite, the weather is shite, the state is expensive to visit and the locals are grumpy and unhelpful.  Basically just make sure they all stay away." Are they perhaps hiding something really special in their secretive island hideaway…

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Devils Dyke to Margate XC 6th August 2016

A very enjoyable paragliding cross country flight from Devils Dyke in East Sussex to Margate, via Ashford and Canterbury, in Kent.

Pretty tricky getting up – and then staying up – at first, eventually rewarded by a wonderful experience soaring up the side of some beautiful sea breeze front clouds. Then great fun gaggle-flying with a nice group of pilots to Lewes and beyond. Rather than shoot off ahead on our own, Mark and I decided it’d be more fun to stay with the gaggle and see how far we could all get together. Flying an Enzo 2 (competition wing), Mark was literally flying rings around us at times – like taking a collie dog out for a walk in the country! 😉

Lovely, lovely day! 🙂

See Carlo’s flight tracklog

Safety Notice: Gin Genie Race 3

A pilot reported that the main rescue bridle failed at the shoulder connection points following a rescue parachute deployment on a Gin Genie Race 3 harness. Although the harnesses exceed the certification minima, Gin Gliders recommends connecting each main rescue bridle to the front rescue bridle connection point using steel maillons for added safety. 

See the full safety notice >

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Flymaster SD Series: New firmware with Airspaces & AGL

Flymaster have launched a new firmware version available for the Flymaster GPS SD, GPS SD+, NAV SD and LIVE SD flight instruments. With this new firmware installed these instruments are then capable of providing worldwide Airspaces and height Above Ground Level (AGL)

Besides the firmware update it is also necessary to insert an SD card with some specific data files on it (containing the Airspaces and AGL data). To get this you can either:

1) Download the Airspaces and AGL data files and copy them on to an SD card (see instructions); or
2) Purchase an SD Card with all the necessary Flymaster files on it here.

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Swing SENSIS – comfort & performance

A glider for a broad group of pilots in the mid-EN-B segment, with simple and precise handling, pleasant damping, pitch stability, high passive safety and impressive performance. The SENSIS is a balanced fun wing for leisure pilots who want to enjoy themselves with recreational thermaling, cross country flying, fun or freestyle. It is forgiving and easy to control, even in turbulent air.

More information

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Advance LIGHTNESS 2 pod harness

In the LIGHTNESS 2, ADVANCE has refined an already established product. The second generation LIGHTNESS takes the best of the original and achieves more safety, comfort and looks. At weights from 2.8 kg the LIGHTNESS 2 is a light harness, for sure; but its integrated reserve, certified protector and much reduced drag coefficient make it fully suitable for the serious cross country pilot. It comes with its own special rucksack, and the new COMPRESSBAG light.

Available from

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Nova MENTOR 4 coming soon!

The new ‘high-end EN-B’ wing claims to have an increase in performance of approximately half a glide point across the entire polar curve in comparison to the MENTOR 3.

Smart Cells improve the load distribution in the wing, the Air Scoop increases the internal pressure, which adds to performance and stability and Double 3D Shaping ensures a smooth profile nose.

The MENTOR 4 is lighter than its predecessor, achieved through an intelligent mixture of materials. It is currently being certified as EN B. The first demo gliders will be delivered from the end of October.

More performance but the price stays the same ;-)

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High Adventure Beamer 3 family grows

Swiss manufacturer High Adventure is producing successors to its successful Beamer concept.

The new, small Beamer 3 covers a weight range up to 90 or 100 kg and is available in conventional as well as light version. It is intended for all light pilots, but also the roving paraglider and Hike & Fly community.

The small Beamer package for small/light equipment weighs just about 1230 grams. In standard build it weighs 1600 grams, including the inner container.

The Beamer 3 Light L has also been re-certified with a new max load of 130 kg, also valid for units already sold!

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Skywalk Chili 3 Limited Edition

Skywalk are now offering a special color combination for the CHILI3, their successful XC glider. The CHILI3 Limited Edition is available immediately in a limited run of just 45 gliders for all sizes.

If you value uniqueness and individuality, make sure to have your skywalk dealer reserve your Limited Edition today! Be the first pilot at your mountain with this unique color combination!

The Limited Edition is available from your skywalk dealer at no extra charge. Special color combinations will now no longer be available.

Available from Flybubble >

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Gin Genie Race 3 harness

The Gin Genie Race 3 is the new racing harness from Gin Gliders. It is significantly lighter than the Race 2 and uses Edelrid buckles to allow thin webbing straps to be used.

It was designed and developed by PWC Champion Aaron Durogati. In developing the new racing harness, the Gin team used extensive wind tunnel testing and incorporated input from respected aerodynamicist and competition pilot Adrian Thomas to create a design that offers maximum performance by reducing drag forces in the cleanest profile flow ever produced by Gin.

The harness includes useful features like a hook knife in the shoulder pocket and big zip pockets on the side. It has a front mounted reserve, and second reserve beneath the seat, secured with plastic wire pin releases and a magnetic closure flap.

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