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  1. How we do what we do (Flybubble MATCH service)

    How we do what we do (Flybubble MATCH service)

    Are you buying new gear? Why not just find the cheapest price online, or go for kit that a friend recommended or that caught your eye in the latest ad? Because you'd be missing out on our years of free flight equipment experience, when you could be using it to guide and inform your choices, so you buy the best gear for you and get the best support going.

  2. Free Flight Equipment Availability (updated 09/2021)

    Free Flight Equipment Availability (updated 09/2021)

    Since spring 2020, many manufacturers have found themselves in an extraordinary situation, created by the knock-on effects of COVID-19. Here's some important background information about the continuing situation for manufacturers of paragliding, hang gliding, speedflying and paramotoring equipment, so customers can have a better idea of what delivery times are realistic.

  3. UK CAA EC rebate scheme (save up to £250 if AOK)

    UK CAA EC rebate scheme (save up to £250 if AOK)

    The UK CAA is granting rebates of up to £250 of the purchase cost of 'EC devices' (certain flight instruments) to those who meet the requirements of their EC rebate scheme—until the funding is used up, the maximum number of rebates granted, or the closing date is reached, whichever comes first.

  4. Safety Notice: Woody Valley GTO light XL

    Safety Notice: Woody Valley GTO light XL

    A Woody Valley GTO light size XL harness was found to have an emergency parachute retaining cable ‘pin’ that was too short. All GTO light XL owners should read this safety notice to find out if it affects them and any action to take. This does not affect the GTO light 2, which has a different design.

  5. Choose The Right Connectors

    Choose The Right Connectors

    With so many different connectors to attach your wing, reserve or speed system, it's important to choose the right one for both your particular flying and the usage. In this series of articles we'll examine connection methods, talk about their advantages and disadvantages, and help you choose the right connectors.

  6. Connecting the speed system

    Connecting the speed system

    When choosing a connector for the speed system to the wing via the harness, you’ll need to think about convenience, simplicity and security. 

  7. Connecting the wing

    Connecting the wing

    Connectors in this category come with a specific set of uses, which must be adhered to. For example, don't use karabiners designed for solo paraglider use for tandem paraglider use, like connecting the tandem wing risers to the spreaders.

  8. Reserve parachute care & repacking

    Reserve parachute care & repacking

    Guidelines on reserve parachute care and repacking.

  9. Fitting the reserve parachute

    Fitting the reserve parachute

    Having correctly connected the reserve parachute, this article outlines the main considerations for correctly fitting it into the harness or reserve outer container, depending on your particular setup.

  10. Connecting the reserve parachute

    Connecting the reserve parachute

    The emergency reserve parachute system may be connected to the harness, the main harness/wing connectors—usually involving a reserve outer container—or the tandem spreaders, depending on the particular whole equipment setup. To help correctly connect the reserve parachute, this article outlines the main considerations for this, and gives a 'connectors shopping list' to help you ensure you have everything you need.

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