Flybubble Crew

  1. Flybubble Crew

    Flybubble Crew

    The Flybubble Crew run the business and bring you the best freeflight gear. On the really epic days, you might find them chasing big dreams across the summer sky, but there's always someone on duty to serve you!

  2. Boris Tyszko (Flybubble Crew)

    Boris Tyszko (Flybubble Crew)

    Welcome to Boris Tyszko, who is part of the Crew at Flybubble headquarters, responsible for behind the scenes systems, final product checks and sales support. "I fly for the views and the feeling of being removed from terra firma. I love paragliding because not only does it require physical skill but also knowledge to do well."

  3. Carlo Borsattino (Flybubble Crew)

    Carlo Borsattino (Flybubble Crew)

    Carlo is a highly experienced freeflight pilot, coach, guide and instructor. Even after many years and thousands of hours of freeflying, he's still a highly passionate pilot.  Licensed as a British Hang Gliding and Paragliding Association (BHPA) paragliding instructor in...
  4. Nancy Elliott (Flybubble Crew)

    Nancy Elliott (Flybubble Crew)

    Nancy enrolled on a paragliding course in 2001 and has never looked back (or is it down?). She soon moved away from "The Big Smoke" to live in Sussex so she could fly as much as possible. Nancy has travelled...

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