1. Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

    Advance EASINESS 3 paragliding harness review (2)

    The Advance Easiness 3 is a very high quality mainstream 'hike and fly' harness that's also suitable for beginners, and those with more general flying experience but new to the hike & fly genre. It also provides a myriad of other possibilities, for "travel and fly" or cycling to sites, for example. If you're interested in this sort of harness, read on…

  2. Advance EASINESS 3 harness review (1)

    Advance EASINESS 3 harness review (1)

    The Advance EASINESS 3 is a lightweight reversible mountain paragliding harness/rucksack with split-legs design, and a removable EN/LTF-certified airbag with integrated reserve container under the seat. Amongst its competitors, the EASINESS 3 is surprisingly not the most expensive and one of the lightest, which is remarkable given the robust construction and refined appearance. It's only 2.3 kg in the M size: rucksack and harness. On your back it will make your paragliding kit appear to be as compact as a hiker's bag. But what's it like to use, down on the ground and up in the air? We put it to the test to find out...

  3. Advance OMEGA XALPS 3 paraglider review

    Advance OMEGA XALPS 3 paraglider review

    Featuring a minimal line set, simple risers with carbon fibre handles, and those tiny trademark winglets, this is a 2 liner with a flat aspect ratio of 6.95 that weighs only 3.5kg! That would have been enough, but Advance has worked on this wing to make it shine. You can tell on the ground that it is exceptional. What other two-liner can you float up from low angles in light wind, put on a tip and bring back on the brakes, start from a ball, and generally play around on the slope with? It is an absolute pleasure to handle on the ground, with the only slightly demanding characteristic being the tendency to shoot ahead when coming up.

  4. Advance XI paraglider review

    Advance XI paraglider review

    The Advance XI is an ultralight paraglider for pilots who want to explore. Does this extremely compact wing retain the safety of its sibling, the IOTA 2 (EN-B)? What is the XI's character in the air? We examine the new...
  5. Advance IOTA 2 paraglider review

    Advance IOTA 2 paraglider review

    Paragliding review of the Advance IOTA 2 high B paraglider by Flybubble's Nancy Elliott, with additional 'bonus' input from Flybubble's Carlo Borsattino. Nancy and Carlo both know the original IOTA, and many other high B wings, very well, and between them flew the IOTA 2 for over 40 hours in varied conditions in the UK and Colombia before writing this review.

  6. Advance SIGMA 10 Review

    Advance SIGMA 10 Review

    ADVANCE's strapline for the SIGMA 10 is "Epic XC". In terms of pilot demands its predecessor, the SIGMA 9, was a low end 'easy C'. Since then ADVANCE have added a new 'high B' wing to their range, the IOTA. Consequently the SIGMA 10 has moved up to the middle of the C class, with a higher aspect ratio and more cells, sitting nicely between the IOTA 2 and OMEGA XALPS 2. ADVANCE claim that the performance increase is noticeable. But is it really, and what's it like on the ground and to fly?

  7. Getting the most out of the Advance IOTA 2

    Getting the most out of the Advance IOTA 2

    A wing like the Advance IOTA 2 is a complex construction with many features specifically designed to increase performance. If you want so much performance, and you want to keep the wing performing at its best, you need to take...
  8. Advance IOTA 2 (First flights review)

    Advance IOTA 2 (First flights review)

    Almost three years ago, Advance entered the ‘high B’ class for the first time with the IOTA. This proved to be a popular wing, providing performance, stability and good handling to pilots wanting to extend their cross country achievements. With the recent releases in the XC class, the Advance design team had to raise the game. Using the original Iota as the reference, what could be improved upon?

  9. Advance & Companion at the Coupe Icare 2017

    Advance & Companion at the Coupe Icare 2017

    Plenty of news from Advance  this year, provided to us courtesy of Valery Chapuis, including the PROGRESS 3 reversible harness, PI BI lightweight double-surface tandem wing, OMEGA XALPS 2 hike-&-fly racing wing, IOTA 2 cross country (XC) wing, Companion SQR Light 'square-round' reserve, and some fab new clothing…

  10. Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 review

    Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 review

    Dave Southern reports on the hike-and-fly combination of Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 (Skywings Magazine, January 2017). "The Pi 2 27 and Easiness 2 ‘security configuration’ are an excellent combination which should pass unnoticed by the most eagle-eyed flight desk attendant and go into the overhead lockers for air travel. All of your kit, including an ultralight reserve, could weigh less than 7kg and you’d still have a glider that is capable of good, safe XCs."

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