Introducing the SUPAIR EONA 2 (EN A)

The EONA 2 is designed to help you when learning to paraglide, either as a school wing or your first wing purchase. Certified as EN-A, it offers five sizes covering a range from 50kg to 130kg.

According to Supair, it offers an easy inflation without a hard point or overshoot, which gives the student confidence.

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Find More Flying Weather With Flybubble!

We’re delighted to launch Flybubble Weather, the innovative freeflight forecast tool developed by Caedmon Mullin and the Flybubble Crew. It’s designed to get you more airtime by making the flying decision simple. The unique aspect of our system is that it knows the range of flyable conditions at each flying site (and it can be updated, so it will improve over time to provide a reliable match between the forecast model and what really happens on the sites). Get more airtime!

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The Flybubble CONCEPT (Reversible limpid aerofoil)

The Flybubble CONCEPT will transform your time on the hill, it offers unrivalled fun, performance you just cannot compare with any known wing, safety that starts from the ground up, exceptional packing volume, light weight, and a unique cool factor. Your friends will be completely mystified. Get ahead of the pack.

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Volirium P1 Smart Vario

Volirium say: ‘Pilots should enjoy their flights and not have to worry about technology.’ Enter the new Volirium P1 Smart Vario. It's a flight computer with in-depth navigation functions which offers a moving map presentation and route planning in Race and XC modes. Its ability to handle numerous Waypoint formats is nice too.

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Nova SECTOR Released

2017 was a busy year in the C class paraglider market with the release of the Delta 3, Elan 2, Aspen 6 and Sigma 10 amongst others. The choice is not going to get any easier for the sport class XC pilot in 2018, as Austrian Manufacturer Nova also promise to present another interesting option in their new C class wing, the Sector. We met Philipp Medicus, chief designer at Nova for the last 5 years, at the Coupe Icare where he gave us a quick preview of Nova’s new offering.

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High Adventure at the Coupe Icare 2017

High Adventure is best known for the Beamer, a well-named steerable Rogallo sytle reserve designed to ‘Beam me down, Scotty’ safely to the surface. We spoke with Urs Haari to see what we could learn about this potentially life saving piece of kit, as well as the latest and greatest accessories.

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