Flybubble status

We are open for business, accepting orders online, via email and phone, with a great range of freeflight products in stock, ready to ship. For most purchases the best is to order on or email us at with details.

Big thanks to all our wonderful customers around the world for your valued support and custom in these challenging times. In return we will continue to serve and support you as best we can. Thank you!

Wishing you all the very best and good health, the Flybubble Crew.

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Flybubble: the next chapter!

The Flybubble Channel has been run by our marketing manager, Greg Hamerton for several years. Greg has been a longtime stalwart of Flybubble, leading our charge online to demonstrate safe flying techniques and help pilots to fly. He's also a close friend of Flybubble's Carlo and Nancy. Greg has now decided to go solo with his own YouTube channel. This change marks a whole new chapter for Flybubble—and exciting new opportunities for talented freeflight media creators, who are hereby invited to contact us with their exciting media proposals.

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Introducing Triple Seven Gliders

We're always scanning the horizons for new and exciting equipment, techniques, and developments in the freeflight world. We also spend a lot of time testing and trying out kit, so we can always offer pilots the best advice. We've been keeping an eagle eye on Triple Seven since it was founded in Slovenia in 2011.

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Help us translate our videos!

We usually add subtitles to our instructional videos and reviews, in English. This helps you get a basic translation in your own language by clicking the Settings icon on our videos (bottom right) then Subtitles/CC and selecting your language, if this has already been added.

Or click on English (United Kingdom) if you’d like to learn English, a free service provided by Flybubble 😉

Even if we have not yet provided subtitles, YouTube (Google) automatically generates ones that are pretty good (90%-95% correct) so you can already get a rough translation of everything on the Flybubble Channel.

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Skytraxx instruments now available from Flybubble

Skytraxx produce well designed and fully-supported flight instruments to a high standard. They are also pioneering live data-sharing services (FANET) and they already have a working solution for FLARM (a way for paraglider pilots to automatically appear on the instrument displays of glider pilots and general aircraft).

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Safety Notice: Ozone OZIUM 2 (red alert)

This concerns all Ozium 2 harnesses. There is a potential safety issue with the Ozium 2 reserve parachute pod and handle. The handle can become detached from the inner pod during the parachute extraction process. This could lead to a failure of the deployment system.

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PHI is taking flight!

Nancy and Carlo met up with the PHI team at the Coupe Icare Expo 2018. Hannes Papesh’s young company has already proved to be a big hit amongst both pilots and schools. One thousand gliders produced in its first year is pretty impressive! Also impressive is the range of wings which PHI have already produced, and have in development.

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