paragliding safety

  1. How to use your speedbar safely

    How to use your speedbar safely

    Using the speedbar on a paraglider can improve your safety in windy conditions, but it can also be very risky if used in the wrong way. Join Greg as he explains the ins and outs of the speedbar.

  2. How to get great slope landings

    How to get great slope landings

    Landing on the sloping side of a hill can be a very useful skill to have, to allow you to land when thermals pause, and relaunch when they return. Or perhaps there's no safe landing in the valley, and you need to put it in on the slope? With this simple, straightforward approach you can achieve a gentle touchdown.

  3. Paragliding safely in strong wind

    Paragliding safely in strong wind

    Strong wind and paragliders don't play well together (generally best avoided) but at some point you'll be flying in 'stronger' conditions, and knowing how to handle this can improve your safety. We've put together some paragliding techniques which we've found help us stay safe on our paraglider when the wind picks up.

  4. Strong Wind Landings: Killing Your Paraglider

    Strong Wind Landings: Killing Your Paraglider

    Landing in strong winds can be scary, but it doesn’t need to be dangerous. In this article we’ll get you prepared. We’ll share techniques for a safe landing setup and provide the best methods to kill the power and disable the wing.

  5. A Glider Too Far

    A Glider Too Far

    In this article BHPA Skywings Magazine editor Joe Schofield shares his thoughts from many years in free flight and offers some wise words of advice on how to avoid the pitfalls of flying unsuitable equipment and continue having a great, safe and above all FUN time free flying for many years to come.

  6. Reducing Risk for Free-Flyers (series)

    Reducing Risk for Free-Flyers (series)

    Free-flyers are exposed to many risks. By identifying the greatest danger, you can make an effort to increase your safety margins in other areas. By examining each element of risk in turn—Weather, Wing, Gear, Sites, Ability, Knowledge—in a series of articles, we hope to provide some insight into reducing your risk.

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