1. Ozone Mantra M7 Review

    Ozone Mantra M7 Review

    The Mantra M7 fits well in Ozone's paraglider range midway between the Delta 3 (EN C) and the Zeno (two-liner EN D). What's it like to fly, and who should buy one?

  2. Skywalk X-ALPS4 paraglider review (first impressions)

    Skywalk X-ALPS4 paraglider review (first impressions)

    Carlo had the opportunity to try out the X-ALPS4. Like its predecessor, X-ALPS4 is an ultralight 3-liner with 6.99 aspect ratio, nylon wires, complex internal design, and certified EN/LTF D. Skywalk explain that they deliberately chose a 3-line concept for the X-ALPS4 because they feel this is currently the best symbiosis of high performance, low weight and ease of use. "The X-ALPS4 is not only for the athletes of the 2019 Red Bull-X-Alps... but also for all XC pilots looking for a performant and extremely well-balanced racing wing."

  3. Advance OMEGA XALPS 3 paraglider review

    Advance OMEGA XALPS 3 paraglider review

    Featuring a minimal line set, simple risers with carbon fibre handles, and those tiny trademark winglets, this is a 2 liner with a flat aspect ratio of 6.95 that weighs only 3.5kg! That would have been enough, but Advance has worked on this wing to make it shine. You can tell on the ground that it is exceptional. What other two-liner can you float up from low angles in light wind, put on a tip and bring back on the brakes, start from a ball, and generally play around on the slope with? It is an absolute pleasure to handle on the ground, with the only slightly demanding characteristic being the tendency to shoot ahead when coming up.

  4. The new King of Miniwings?

    The new King of Miniwings?

    Miniwings for high wind soaring are one of my personal obsessions and I spare no effort in finding the worlds best. I live in Auckland, New Zealand with large picturesque sea cliff and conditions that are often strong, laminar and superb for high wind soaring/speedflying. This is unusual in the world, so we are lucky and constantly looking for better miniwings to give us more fun in our smooth 20-45km/hr coastal winds.

  5. Gin Leopard paraglider review (EN-D 2-liner)

    Gin Leopard paraglider review (EN-D 2-liner)

    As well as it's spots, The leopard (Panthera pardus) is distinguished by its opportunistic hunting behaviour, strength, and its ability to adapt to a variety of habitats including arid and mountain areas. It can move at speeds of up to 58 kilometres per hour (36 mph). Phil Clark takes delivery of his Gin Leopard (high-end EN-D 2-liner) and takes to the skies.

  6. Advance OMEGA XALPS 2 Review

    Advance OMEGA XALPS 2 Review

    The Advance OMEGA XALPS 2 (OXA2) is made for adventure and racing, and builds on the success of the winning original OMEGA XALPS (OXA) design (1st and 2nd place, Red Bull Xalps 2015). Light, fast, and with balanced handling, the original OXA was hard to beat. Has it been improved upon?

  7. Skywalk POISON X-ALPS Review

    Skywalk POISON X-ALPS Review

    The Poison X-Alps seems to have a dual purpose: with a 'semi-light construction' it is aimed mainly at adventurous XC pilots while also hoping to attract pilots from hike-and-fly racing. Based on the wing Paul Guschlbauer and Stephan Gruber used in the Xalps 2015 (Skywalk Xalps 2), it has an impressive pedigree. Within the lightweight Performance Class, it has a philosophy of 'slightly heavier, slightly bulkier, more performance' construction, shared by the Gin GTO2 and Ozone's LM6. But with 80 cells and mini-ribs all along the trailing edge, the Poison X-Alps shows the greatest dedication to reducing drag.

  8. Staying ahead of the game ... the rain squalls were at my back for the first 50km, but as I was pressing on downwind they couldn't catch up to me. The PEAK 4  (EN D) replaces the PEAK 3 in...
  9. Niviuk PEAK 4 Review

    Niviuk PEAK 4 Review

    The PEAK 4 (EN D) replaces the PEAK 3 in Niviuk's range and fits squarely in the Performance Class, below the Competition Class Icepeak 8 (CCC) and above the Sports Class Artik 4 (EN C).

    It's intended for pilots who are wanting to do competitions or big competitive XC but don't want the full-on concentration required to keep a high-maintenance hotship flying in cracking conditions.

    It also offers a unique stepping stone as an 'entry level' 2-liner for pilots unfamiliar with the handling of this recent design innovation.

    Greg Hamerton tested the PEAK 4 >

  10. Like many paraglider pilots, I've been a big fan of the Red Bull X-Alps ever since the event launched in 2003 (with only 17 participants and a small audience). This incredible hike and fly race embodies much what I love about...

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