Kortel Design at the Coupe Icare 2016

Carlo met the team at Kortel Design. He chatted with Guillaume, who shared their latest design innovations.

Kortel Design at Coupe Icare 2016


This is a basic school and tandem passenger harness that is very innovative! It is adjustable: the seatplate can be altered by 10cm; the seat angle can be corrected; the back support has adjustable length; there are 2 positions for the height of the hang points. It can fit people with a big range of heights (150cm to 200cm!)

Kortel K-Flex

There is no integrated reserve (but one could mount it on the front). There is a big storage area at the back. Side handles on each side offer a safe grab point for launch assistant(s). The chest strap uses high quality AustriAlpin Cobra buckles, and has the traditional anti-forget strap. Underneath, airbag protection is combined with foam and nitinol to pre-inflate before launch. There's even a removable, washable skid-sheet on the bottom. There's a new removable pocket for camera pole (can be fitted to any open harness) that makes it a complete solution for tandem pilots. It will be available in Spring 2017.

Kortel K-Flex underseat


Similar features to the K-Flex but smaller, with a foam protector rather than an airbag. Adjustable: the seatplate can be made bigger/smaller in two positions; back support length is adjustable; two positions for the height of hang points. Available spring 2017.

Kortel Kid paragliding tandem harness


The objective is to have more control over the angle of the harness; both to hold the angle and change as you wish. There will be less oscillation in all axis.

The innovative ABS (stability) system is quick and easy to adjust in flight, without affecting certification. It also has a unique lengthwise stiffening system. The harness itself is very flexible, but two lengthwise strips are held in place under tension, which gives rigidity, essential for good control.

It has room for two reserves. The reserve system seemed well designed and tidy. There is a good size pocket under the seat; inside protection which doubles up as foam for folding high performance wings with lots of reinforcement inside.

Kortel Kanibal Race 2

All harnesses shown are late stage protos (not final production models) so some changes may occur.