Ozone at the Coupe Icare 2016

Carlo met with Russell Ogden, David Dagault, Honorin Hamard and Mike Cavanagh (not pictured).

Ozone Paragliding at Coupe Icare 2016

As usual, there's a lot happening at this powerhouse brand.


Square reserve, coming soon. Two solo sizes first then a tandem going up to 220kg. Perhaps one more size.


The lightweight version of the Buzz Z5 is coming soon.


The team are still working on the replacement for the popular Delta 2. Changes in the certification tests meant they were forced to choose between extending their original set-back As concept (and ending up with an automatic EN D certification for use of collapse lines) or making a 'softer nose' wing that passed the new tests. No doubt it's a hard business choice, and they'd rather have a brilliant design solution. No promises but they are hoping to get it out early in 2017.


You might see this on Santa's sleigh this year. Similar to the Ozium, but with four new pod options! An improved cockpit, more efficient reserve deployment system, and other small improvements mean the weight will be similar.


A school harness, similar in concept to the Oxygen 2 but with a totally new design. Underseat but cloverleaf bomb-door type reserve closure rather than the tube type. Release expected after the Ozium 2, before the end of 2016.


Ozone are working on prototypes of a high performance EN B (Progression Class) with around 100 cells. Will it be an answer to the recent Nova Phantom? Whooooo.


Similar to the Lightspeed: the same concept, cell count, material and trim changes.


Ozone are not aiming to make it radically lighter, they are aiming to maintain the good characteristics (weight, ease of use) but improve handling (fun) and glide performance.


"The character feels more like an Enzo 2 than a Mantra M6," says Russell Ogden. Pilot demand places it exactly in the middle of those two wings. Russell did all serious Enzo 2 testing over water but he's confident enough with the Zeno to do it all over land.

Ozone ZENO