1. Wingtips: What tracklogs can tell you

    Wingtips: What tracklogs can tell you

    Did you know you can spy on the best pilots? Learn how to compare tracklogs when reviewing your own flight performance. Sometimes you might only learn one thing, sometimes it reinforces things you already knew, sometimes it helps you find...
  2. Wingtips: Clouds that suck

    Wingtips: Clouds that suck

    Small cumulus clouds can indicate lift, but large ones can suck you up and spit you out as an iceblock. How can you tell which ones are safe? ‘Wider than it is tall’ is a good rule of thumb. Look...
  3. Wingtips: Downwind devil

    Wingtips: Downwind devil

    How much space do you need for a safe 360? When going downwind near the hill, beware of the insidious trap that catches even experienced pilots. Don’t get caught out! Learn more about the downwind devil
  4. Wingtips: Flatland distance

    Wingtips: Flatland distance

    Trying to go far in the flatlands? Going directly downwind (going for distance) is often a trap! Divert to high ground, warmer terrain, or clouds forming to either side of your track. Look for lines that link multiple sources of...
  5. Wingtips: Strong wind launching

    Wingtips: Strong wind launching

    Wind strong on launch? Try running at the wing. Not just allowing the wing to drag you back (which is inevitable); the trick is to run before the wing yanks you. It does this at 45 degrees as it bites...
  6. Wingtips: Active flying

    Wingtips: Active flying

    Air like a roller coaster? If your toes are rising relative to the horizon, keep your hands up. As they sink, pull your brakes down to shoulder height for a second, to dampen out the dive. Learn more about active...
  7. Wingtips: Thermaling With Others

    Wingtips: Thermaling With Others

    When thermaling with others, try to follow behind pilots not to the inside of their turn. Rather slow down or widen your turn until they are on the opposite side of the thermal, so you can both help each other with maximising your climb rate.
  8. Wingtips: Cross wind launching

    Wingtips: Cross wind launching

    Cross wind launching: If the wind is across the slope, take a step uphill before pulling up or pull the downslope riser first. This encourages the wing to rise pulling uphill giving you more time to control it.  Learn more...

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