Triple Seven Rook 4 Wing: First Impressions Review

We had the opportunity to fly the Triple Seven Rook 4 Wing, experiencing a variety of conditions from strong winds to very light and scratchy thermals.

Performance and Handling

The Rook 4 stands out as a high-B wing with remarkable performance and agile handling. Its collapse-resistant design provides a solid and confident flying experience, even in challenging conditions. Compared to its predecessor, the Rook 4 shows significant improvements, particularly in its inflation and launch capabilities. The wing excels in windy conditions, punching through gusts effectively and maintaining a good turn of speed.

Ground Handling

Ground handling with the Rook 4 is generally excellent, favoring stronger conditions due to a slight delay on the launch. However, even in nil wind, the glider performs well once properly lifted. The wing is easy to inflate, stable, and cuts through the air with ease, enhancing the overall flying experience.

Agility and Precision

The Rook 4 boasts a sporty and agile handling profile, making it a fun and playful glider. It has relatively short brakes, offering direct and responsive control. This agility is beneficial for working in small, strong thermals and for turning the glider flatter when needed. Its nippy nature allows for quick adjustments and precise turns, making it suitable for cross-country flying and competitions.

Speed System

The speed system on the Rook 4 is light and very usable, providing a good connection and feel for the glider. Despite the variable and gusty conditions during our test, the wing picked up speed well, maintaining solid performance. The leading edge remained stable even at higher speeds, suggesting the Rook 4 can achieve significant speed gains over trim, potentially up to 14 km/h.

Descent Techniques

Big ears on the Rook 4 are easy to induce with the split A's, though they can be a bit flappy. Combining them with the speed system helps maintain speed while descending. Additionally, the glider responds well to spiral dives, maintaining control and avoiding any tendency to lock in. The agility of the wing also makes it great for wingovers and playful maneuvers.

Target group

The Rook 4 is an accessible high-B wing, suitable for pilots transitioning from lower-rated gliders. Its moderate aspect ratio (around 5.6-5.7) makes it less demanding than some other high-B wings, such as the Gin Explorer or Gin Carrera. However, it still offers a sporty and engaging flying experience for those ready to step up.

Minor Criticisms

While the Rook 4 is an impressive wing, there are a few minor drawbacks. The B riser steering is somewhat physical, which might be tiring over extended periods. Additionally, the big ears can be flappy, though they still perform their function adequately.


The Triple Seven Rook 4 is a well-rounded and highly capable high-B wing, offering significant improvements over its predecessor. Its agility, performance, and ease of handling make it a great choice for cross-country pilots and those looking to upgrade their flying experience. Despite a few minor criticisms, the Rook 4 is a fun, playful, and reliable glider that inspires confidence in various flying conditions.

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