Niviuk Peak 6 review and feedback

Feedback after more flying

"Since making this first impressions review, I've had opportunity to test the Peak 6 some more. Truth is, I was looking for excuses to fly it more! So here's a bit more feedback on this superb high performance wing. 

In terms of pilots demands, although I would class the Peak 6 as a D wing, not a C wing, I find the pilot demands to be surprisingly low for a wing with an a flat aspect ratio of 6.9. It's surprisingly easy - and playful - to launch, ground handle and fly, even in tricky and very active conditions. 

I had opportunity to compare the performance of the Peak 6 with many wings, including a few in the same class. Compared to the Leopard and Zeno (1), the performance certainly seems better than especially glide and speed, with lower pilot demands than both of these wings - and incomparably nicer handling and feeling than the latter, I feel! 

Compared to the Zeno 2, I found the the overall performance of the Peak 6 to be very close however I think the Zeno 2 has an edge at top speed. The Peak 6 is however far more comfortable to fly, I feel - and I'd be surprised to hear anyone truthfully say different. The Peak 6 and Zeno 2 both have great handling for the class; the Zeno 2 is far nicer than the Zeno 1 in this regard, I feel! 

For almost all pilots, I don't think the small performance difference between these two wings should make any difference to cross country flying performance. Actually I think for most pilots flying this class of wing the Peak 6 is the better XC wing, as it's more comfortable, less mentally tiring to fly*. A pilot flying cross country on a Peak 6 would only have themselves and luck to blame if a pilot flying a Zeno 2 performed better than them, I believe. However, in racing competitions I think the Zeno 2, with it's slightly higher top speed, has the advantage over the Peak 6 (as long as you don't get a big collapse, which I think is more likely on the Zeno 2, all else being equal).

So, I think the Peak 6 and Zeno 2 are both really fantastic high performance wings. Although both could excel in both XC and competition flying, I feel the Peak 6 is more pleasure and XC oriented, where the Zeno 2 is more out-and-out performance and racing competition oriented.

* This of course doesn't apply so much to top competition pilots, comfortable flying CCC wings in all conditions, for whom the pilot demands of an EN D wing will feel relatively easy!"

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

First impression review

"The launch experience, especially considering its high D classification, was surprisingly smooth and well-behaved. Often, high D gliders can be a bit finicky during launch, but the Peak 6 defied this stereotype, making it remarkably easy and enjoyable for pilots in this category. Notably, not all high D gliders share this user-friendly quality, making the Peak 6 a standout choice for those seeking a top-performing wing that's also a joy to launch, even in less-than-ideal conditions.

Once in the air, the Peak 6 continues to impress with its exquisite handling, delivering sublime turns that are exceptionally well-executed. While I can't claim to have flown every high D glider in the class, the Peak 6's turning ability leaves a lasting impression. It's a surprise, given that many high D gliders, while powerful, can be challenging to handle, demanding constant attention and active piloting. The Peak 6 stands out by offering not only stellar performance but also an unexpectedly pleasant and comfortable flying experience.

Flying high D gliders typically puts pilots on edge, especially in choppy conditions. However, what truly surprised me about the Peak 6 was the level of comfort and confidence it instilled. Make no mistake, it is undeniably a high D glider with elevated demands on the pilot, especially in terms of speed. The glider is impressively solid, super fast, and establishes a realizable feeling that creates a strong connection between the pilot and the wing.

Handling pressure is another commendable feature of the Peak 6. The brakes, while relatively light, offer precise and direct feedback, contributing to the overall positive flying experience. Negotiating tricky thermals proved to be no challenge for this glider, as it allowed me to navigate the broken up thermals effectively, extracting the best lift and maximizing the conditions. In essence, the Peak 6 felt like a partner in optimizing the flying experience, earning it a resounding thumbs up.

For pilots in search of a high D-wing that not only delivers exceptional performance but also boasts a delightful launch and a comfortable flying experience, the Niviuk Peak 6 unquestionably stands at the forefront."

- Carlo Borsattino, Flybubble

First Look Video review

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