Flybubble Spain Flying Start Paragliding Course March 2013

Our Flying Start Paragliding Course in Algodonales (southern Spain) in March 2013 was completed successfully, despite a couple of rainy days. We spent the first wet day of the course in the school, learning some theory and practising in our paraglider "simulator" - a special harness hanging system where the students can try all the manoeuvres they will have to do during their flights (big ears, speed bar, asymmetric tucks...). They also learnt how to deploy a reserve parachute as well.

Then the desired good weather came, allowing us to fly at different sites over the next few days...

On the second day our sutdents did some top to bottom flights at the very easy flying site of Ronda la Vieja where, after a break without flying, they could refresh their rusty take-off and landing technique.

El Bosque

On day three our students flew at El Bosque; a beautiful mountain with a forest and big landing area. It was the best day of the week; they could make three flights and they did all the necessary in-flight manoeuvres they'd learnt in the simulator on the first day. The conditions were very light in the morning but then it got stronger around midday, with some cumulus clouds bubbling up and good thermals. So the students spent a couple of hours having a "Spanish siesta" (and the instructors too) whilst we waited for the wind to mellow.

Later, the conditions became nice and smooth and our students we able to have their first thermic flights.

To finish this great long day, they had a very smooth evening flight, soaring the ridge and enjoying the sunset.


Different day, different flying site: On the fourth day we flew at Sierra de Lijar, over the town of Algodonales. 600 meters top to bottom, with a massive landing area. Easy peasy. Our students could enjoy the altitude with some lovely smooth flights. That night our group also enjoyed a tasty dinner with paella, sangria and the most beautiful waitress in the town.


On the last day, the wet weather returned. It's unfortunate to have this bad weather here in the beginning of spring, but we didn't give up and moved to the beach where the forecast was better: Matalascanas is on the Atlantic coast and there are 20 km of sand dunes and cliffs for soaring!

The wind was too strong for students during the day, so we used the time for everyeon to practice their reverse launches. In the evening the wind dropped and some of the students flew along the dunes for an hour.

So, a nice paragliding course, all of the tasks achieved, and flying in different places and conditions.

See some photos from this Flying Start course

Photo below, left to right: Malcolm, Mark, Matthew, Jose Ramon, Jose and Nick.