How to use your speedbar safely

Using the speedbar on a paraglider can improve your safety in windy conditions, but it can also be very risky if used in the wrong way.

The speedbar pulls down on the front risers, which accelerates the wing, increasing your forward speed and sink rate. So if you have excess altitude, and the air is smooth, it’s a simple procedure: Get your foot on the bar, push out smoothly, and the wing goes faster. But when you’re close to the mountain and in rough conditions, it’s good to have all the principles firmly established in your mind.

Join Greg as he explains the ins and outs of the speedbar. In this episode: positioning yourself in the lift band, speed ranges, wind gradient, GPS ground speed, hands position, timing the acceleration, full bar, managing the angle of attack, collapse resistance, speedbar and big ears, speedbrake risers, common problems with using speedbar, and many safety tips for flying accelerated.

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