Introducing Triple Seven Gliders

We’re always scanning the horizons for new and exciting equipment, techniques, and developments in the freeflight world. We also spend a lot of time testing and trying out kit, so we can always offer pilots the best advice. It’s not enough to just make a good wing, or even good wings. Over the years we’ve seen many freeflight brands come and go, some with one or two hit wonders, some with none at all, other with important issues they could not resolve.

Triple Seven Gliders - Queen 2

To make an outstanding freeflight brand takes many things… 

  • Exceptional products with unique qualities 
  • excellent range of products 
  • good range of sizes 
  • a big investment in R&D
  • top materials 
  • high levels of quality control
  • outstanding customer service 
  • good business skills and sense 
  • design flair
  • and a little magic

Triple Seven Gliders - Knight

We’ve been keeping an eagle eye on Slovenian brand Triple Seven since it was founded in 2011 by brothers Aljaz and Urban Valic, well known in the paragliding competition scene for their top competition results and world records. Whilst we could see that Triple Seven have made some interesting products over the years, it seems to us that now they have made it through the difficult ‘fledgling years’ and finally ‘come of age’ as a company, ready to spread their wings.

Triple Seven Gliders - Knight

We feel that Triple Seven wings offer something unique so we’ve decided to pick up the brand to give our customers more choice. The Triple Seven wings we’ve flown so far that we’re particularly impressed with are the Knight (EN B, low B), the Queen 2 (EN C, high C) and its lightweight sibling the Q-LIGHT.

Triple Seven Gliders - Knight

“Pilot demands of the KNIGHT seem about right for the class, both on the ground and in the air. I found the ground handling predictable and easy in all conditions I tested in (varied but not extreme) with a slight tendency to drop back down in lighter conditions. The wing has a quite reassuring, solid feel in active air, without being too dampened or stiff. The handling can be quite agile for the class, if you want it to be i.e. if you put in sharper inputs… it certainly has the fun factor! 🙂 Performance seems very good for the class too; I certainly didn’t feel disadvantaged compared to other comparable wings. I am happy to recommend the Knight as a very good low B wing with very good safety, nice handling and good performance in the low B class, for the right pilot. As always, it’s important to match the pilot to the right wing – not as easy as it sounds!” — Carlo @ Flybubble

Triple Seven Gliders - testing

“You can see me having fun on the Triple Seven QUEEN 2 in my Cloud video. After reaching cloudbase over Brighton I had a huge into-wind return glide. The Queen 2 produced an amazing performance on full speedbar. It reminded me of the Icepeak 6 two liner which I loved, but with a more compact and manageable feeling. Due to the solidity of the aerofoil the Queen 2 is a little stiff in tighter turns and sudden direction changes but it keeps itself together very well in turbulence.” — Greg @ Flybubble

Triple Seven Gliders - QLIGHT

“The Q-LIGHT retains the stable, secure feeling of the Queen 2. The light construction has a significant amount of reinforcing and structure retained in the wing. This translates to a powerful and determined nature with high speed and great performance.” — Greg @ Flybubble

We have various demo wings in stock for you to test fly. See our full range of Triple Seven wings 

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