Nancy Elliott (Flybubble Crew)

Pilot, Flybubble co-founder and Director

Nancy enrolled on a paragliding course in 2001 and has never looked back (or is it down?). She soon moved away from "The Big Smoke" to live in Sussex so she could fly as much as possible. Nancy has travelled far and wide with her wings, flying in the UK, Europe, South America, Africa and Asia.

As well as being Flybubble's Co-Director and organiser extraordinaire, Nancy is an Advanced Pilot (BHPA) and Dual Rated (tandem pilot). She is also one of the guides for our paragliding trips and cross country courses, and an enthusiastic Club Coach for the Southern Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.

She enjoys getting high and going far, especially in England. In 2015 she won the UK XC League (Women).

Nancy's start in XC flying was the usual one-thermal-and-glide-over-the-back. Sometimes she got a lucky 30 or 40km but then in 2011 she broke through her barriers to reach 65km, and in 2013 she completed her first 100km (127km from Leckhampton).

Flying Since: 2001

Total Hours Flown: 1000 hours+

Best Distance: 136 km

Best Flight: In the UK, a cheeky triangle of 23.4km – it was so satisfying to complete it! Around the world in 2003 it would have been my first 34km in Brazil, but flying from Porterville in South Africa in 2013 and getting through the infamous Constriction was quite an experience and one I'd like to repeat!

Favourite Site (World): Not sure I have one favourite; it's always wonderful to fly new places! I've enjoyed Governador Valadares in Brazil, had rewarding flights from Piedechinche in Colombia and also Piketberg, South Africa (a small gem that I had a wonderful XC from).

Favourite Site (UK): They are all wonderful :~) local favourites are Devils Dyke and Caburn, but I love exploring sites around the UK.

Wing: Usually one of the current High-B's, but constantly changing wings for testing purposes!

Harness: Advance LIGHTNESS 3

Reserve: High Adventure Beamer 3

Instruments: Naviter Oudie N, Syride SYS'Nav XL

Helmet: Icaro 4fight Cut Integral

Footwear: Hanwag Sky GTX flying boots

Essential bits of kit: Blazewear heated gloves for all winter flying and Gin Winter Alpine gloves for the rest of the year!

Goal: To continue to enjoy my flying as a safe and competent pilot.