Speed flying is flying FAST downhill. The concept has evolved from speed riding, the fast mountain descent under a speed glider launched on skis. Speed gliders are not simply scaled-down, mini-paragliders.

Speedflying Safety Information from Gin Gliders: Speedflying is opening new horizons of piloting for expert and careful pilots with a lot of flying experience. Speedgliders - launched on foot - designed for highly experienced and responsible pilots that have enough knowledge to adapt to the speedglider's dynamic handling. The higher wing loading increases the speed and the responsiveness of the handling. The glide angles are much lower than with modern paragliders. The landing approach and landing itself are considerably different. Speedgliders are not recommended for busy flying sites and training in a professional paragliding school is strongly recommended. Regular practice on the ground is very useful. Take special care when deciding when and where to fly, and respect other flyers and flying machines.


Speed Flying and Speed Riding are dangerous. You could suffer serious injury or death as a result of using this equipment. Using this equipment improperly greatly increases the risks involved. Never use this equipment without proper and thorough instruction from a qualified instructor.

By using Speed Flying or Speed Riding equipment, you accept all risks involved with the use of this equipment. The designer, manufacturer, distributor, and retailer cannot and will not guarantee your safety when using this equipment. You agree to not hold the equipment designer, manufacturer, distributor, or retailer liable for any injuries to yourself or to third parties resulting from the use of this equipment.

It is essential that you understand the proper use of this equipment before attempting to use it in any way.

The User MUST:

  • Be an experienced skier with competent knowledge of backcountry skiing and terrain, and be equipped with appropriate safety and rescue equipment when traveling in the backcountry.
  • Be an experienced and licensed paraglider pilot.
  • Be in an area approved for Speed Flying.
  • Use helmet and proper protective equipment.
  • Use the wing in a safe and hazard free environment.
  • Maintain the equipment properly and inspect it regularly.
  • Receive Speed Riding/Flying Instruction prior to using the wing.
  • Ensure that all harness connections are fastened properly.
  • Practice speed flying with a partner. Be aware of the other people you are traveling with in the backcountry at all times. Use the buddy system.
  • NEVER use your wing in turbulent wind conditions.
  • NEVER use your wing in a populated area or an area not approved for Speed Flying.
  • NEVER use your wing in a ski area or on a ski slope / ski piste.
  • NEVER use your wing around hazardous obstacles such as ski lifts or trees or rocks.
  • NEVER use your wing unless you have adequate safety and rescue equipment for winter backcountry travel such as avalanche transciever, shovel, probe, and other avalanche safety equipment.
  • NEVER use equipment if there is any damage to harness, risers, webbing, lines, cloth or stitching.

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