1. Phi TENOR light paraglider review

    Phi TENOR light paraglider review

    I was excited when PHI released a lightweight version of the TENOR. The original wing (also a low B) has impressive performance, nippy handling and great passive safety. How does the new TENOR LIGHT compare to the full fat version? I flew it in the UK winter and then for 30 hours in Colombia in a wide spectrum of flying conditions whilst leading a cross country paragliding tour, which gave me a great opportunity to test the responses and compare it with other current wings. Is it any good? Let’s find out.

  2. Phi TENOR paraglider review

    Phi TENOR paraglider review

    The TENOR (EN B) is bigger brother to the SYMPHONIA ('super-high A'), which the Flybubble Crew are extremely impressed with, so we were excited to try out this new Hanesh Papesh design billed as a ‘kick-ass’ wing. Carlo Borsattino tested it in exceptionally summery conditions in the UK.

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