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  1. How to Win at Hike & Fly

    How to Win at Hike & Fly

    Join us for an enlightening discussion with a very special pilot. Christian 'Chrigel' Maurer is #1 in the world: multiple European champion, PWC champion, Acro champion, and 6 x Red Bull X-Alps winner. This guy knows his flying, especially hike and fly! We talk about how to win, taking risks, balancing flying, work and family, the best gear for racing ... and much more.

  2. X-Pyr 2016 Flybubble Team report

    X-Pyr 2016 Flybubble Team report

    X-Pyr is a race along the length of the Pyrenees mountains, which divide Spain and France. It alternates with the Red Bull X-Alps race for the title of toughest paragliding event of the year. Contestants must carry their paraglider (or fly with it). The course is 480 km, the race starts at 05:30 and ends at 22:30 every day, and lasts about a week. Flybubble team pilot Greg competed in the 2016 edition.

  3. Bornes To Fly 2016 tactical review

    Bornes To Fly 2016 tactical review

    A tactical review from the midfield by Greg Hamerton: I don't like jogging. My normal day involves 10 hours or so of sitting at a PC, interrupted by exciting moments of coffee and chocolate. Occasionally, if the weather's good, I'll go flying instead. So to even consider something like the Bornes To Fly, I knew I needed some body-conditioning. Then there was the unavoidable fact that my name appears on the XPYR entry list for July, along with Maurer, Durogati and Coconea.

  4. Safety: Managing the Mayhem

    Safety: Managing the Mayhem

    Team pilot Ruth Churchill Dower recounts a high altitude incident in the Himalaya. A sudden updraught led to a stall and cascade. Despite having two reserve parachutes, Ruth lost 1000ft trying to fix the wing and landed in a tailslide on a precipitous ridgetop perch, luckily mostly unscathed. It makes a cracking story, and there's a good deal to learn about managing mayhem and your personal reserve deployment throwing height.

  5. Bivi kit: what worked (and didn't) What worked Advance Iota: simple, and lightweight for a standard production glider. Performed well in a wide range of conditions. Next time I'll get an even lighter wing, it's really worth it for bivi...
  6. XPYRIENCE: A volbiv adventure

    XPYRIENCE: A volbiv adventure

    What's it like taking on the mountains with nothing but an aircraft that runs on air? Greg Hamerton attempts a solo traverse of the Pyrenees via paraglider and discovers the magnitude and magic of a road less travelled.

  7. SHGC Paragliding 2014 XC Season Roundup

    SHGC Paragliding 2014 XC Season Roundup

    A roundup of the Southern Hang Gliding Club (SHGC) paragliding cross country (XC) season for 2014.

  8. XC Tales: The Class War — Paragliders vs Hang Gliders

    XC Tales: The Class War — Paragliders vs Hang Gliders

    On 23/24 August 2014, two teams met to decide once and for all, who was better: Hang gliders or paragliders?

  9. Get the Edge: Prepare For Your First Paragliding Competition

    Get the Edge: Prepare For Your First Paragliding Competition

    Many paraglider pilots are interested in cross country flying, from those who have just received their XC licence (in the UK, the BHPA Pilot Rating) to experienced pilots with a desire to explore. After some time doing XC, pilots often decide to enter a competition to test themselves, to fly a new site with support or just to try something new. This article aims to helps you get the edge in your first competition, based on my experience.

  10. We invite you to take part in the second Foot or Flybubble challenge!

    Using only your feet or your wing, link the selected launch sites in the closed circuit. Any day in May, June or July counts, between sunrise and sunset. The best attempt wins (longest then fastest around the course).

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