Flying Safety

Speed Riding Safety

With less predictable snowfall and increasing numbers of free riders year on year, it’s easy to see why the discipline of speed riding is gaining in popularity. It enables access to remote and “untracked” parts of the mountain that skiers and boarders can’t get to and it’s really easy to learn the basics if you’re a good skier or paraglider pilot.

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Landing Area Etiquette

Do you have the right of way when you land? Will it save you from a collision?

Angus Pinkerton (Chairman, BHPA's Flying & Safety Committee) takes a look at landing area conflicts and ways to manage them sensibly.

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Sharing the Air

An insightful piece by Skywings editor JOE SCHOFIELD on the need for consideration when flying in shared airspace.

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Safety: Managing the Mayhem

Team pilot Ruth Churchill Dower recounts a high altitude incident in the Himalaya.

A sudden updraught led to a stall and cascade. Despite having two reserve parachutes, Ruth lost 1000ft trying to fix the wing and landed in a tailslide on a precipitous ridgetop perch, luckily mostly unscathed.

It makes a cracking story, and there's a good deal to learn about managing mayhem and your personal reserve deployment throwing height.

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Speed Flying Safety

Speed flying is flying FAST downhill. The concept has evolved from speed riding, the fast mountain descent under a speed glider launched on skis. Speed gliders are not simply scaled-down, mini-paragliders.

Speedflying Safety Information from Gin Gliders: Speedflying is opening new horizons of piloting for expert and careful pilots with a lot of flying experience.

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Incident Analysis: Reserve Ride

When flying a spine-backed ridge in strong conditions, an experienced pilot suffered a wing collapse with cravatte and decided to deploy his reserve. He was blown over the crest of the ridge and landed hard. In this detailed analysis he shares the background and lessons of what he considers to be a lucky escape.

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A Glider Too Far

Since the very beginnings of our sport there has been a problem with people buying gliders that are not suitable for them.

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Paragliding Safety: Stance

If you've ever fallen on your bum and been dragged across the launch site, you'll know that staying on your feet can sometimes be a challenge. Here's the solution. 

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XC Secrets: The Downwind Devil

Turning back at the ridge? Don't get caught by the Downwind Devil!

When soaring, it's safest to keep all turns away from the hill. But for XC you need to thermal, and effective thermaling requires circling. When you're close to the terrain, you can be caught by the 'downwind devil', especially in strong wind. This has caught out many pilots over the years, pilots who knew the theory and yet still made the mistake. It might not be as simple as it seems. Don't let it catch you!

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