Flybubble mini series: Walk Climb Fly (with Rob Johnson)

We’re excited to present our new Flybubble mini series, Walk Climb Fly, mini adventure vlogs (video blogs) with guest filmmaker, mountaineer and paraglider pilot, Rob Johnson of Filmuphigh.

Rob has been climbing and mountaineering for more than 25 years, making his living in the mountains professionally for the last 18, and only discovered paragliding two years ago. Each episode of this new hike-and-fly focused series will be filmed as part of a separate mountain journey, offering beautiful visuals and valuable insights, culminating in the flight.

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Flybubble Walk Climb Fly #1

Mini Hike & Fly adventure in North Wales.

In the first episode of this new mini series for Flybubble, join guest filmmaker Rob Johnson as he takes us on a hike and fly trip from his front door in Snowdonia, North Wales.

Whilst hiking up and flying back down, Rob looks at the attraction of the sport, how advances in equipment have opened up a new world for climbers, how to get into the sport as a beginner and plans for the future.


Like all branches of freeflight, the paragliding subactivity known as “hike and fly” is actually many things to many people! Like paragliding itself, hike and fly is a far more varied activity than most realise! If you hike to fly with your portable wing, that’s “hike and fly”. The beauty is in the simplicity! After that, whether you simply fly down or go on more complex cross country flight is down to the wishes and abilities of the individual – and of course the limitations of the equipment, the environment, and the weather conditions.

In this video, Rob Johnson–being primarily a mountaineer, and having only discovered paragliding two years ago–is mainly interested in paragliding as a means to fly down after enjoying climbing up a mountain. He loves the climbing, as much as the flying. Therefore for his flying equipment he prioritises low weight, small pack volume and high safety over higher performance. For example, like many mountaineers, Rob chooses to fly a single-skin paraglider in this video. Although it is possible to soar, thermal and fly cross country on modern single-skin paragliders, they are best-suited to simpler, shorter flights–even the best and highest-performing ones, like the Niviuk Skin 3 P Rob flies here.

Written filmed and presented by Rob Johnson
Wing: Niviuk Skin 3 P

Flybubble Walk Climb Fly #2

Paralpinism UK Snowdonia Style.

Paralpinism: To climb up on foot and fly back down.

The roots of paragliding can be traced back to the simple joy of walking to the top of a hill and flying back down. As equipment has progressed over the decades the emphasis has been on the flying and pilots have, on the whole, been able to avoid the walking element and just fly, catching thermals for height.


As gliders got ever lighter (as little as 1kg) climbers once again realised the potential for flying off the mountains having climbed a route to the top. In the French Alps the concept of Paralpinism was born with lightweight gliders being a fantastic way to avoid the slog of the walk down.

In this latest Flybubble Vlog we join mountaineering instructor and filmmaker Rob Johnson as he climbs Dolmen Ridge, a grade 3 scramble in Snowdonia, with his mate Bryn. Together they then fly from the summit of the Glyderau to land by the car – if only the pub was open!

With: Rob Johnson & Bryn Williams
Wings: Niviuk Skin 3 P & Ozone Firefly
Route: Dolmen Ridge, Glyder Fach, Snowdonia

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