Flybubble: the next chapter!

Greg Hamerton has been a longtime stalwart of Flybubble, leading our charge online to demonstrate safe flying techniques and help pilots to fly. He’s also a close friend of Carlo and Nancy at Flybubble. Greg has now announced that he’s decided to start up his own new YouTube channel. This marks a whole new chapter for Flybubble too.

Time for a change

Greg: “It’s been fantastic working with Carlo and Nancy and I recommend them for their incredible buying service and deep knowledge of freeflight and freeflying equipment. If your gear is in trouble, go to Flybubble! I feel like I’ve done my job at Flybubble, and it’s time to try new things. I’m taking my film making and instruction to the next level, and I’m super excited! I’ve just started my own flying channel, where you’ll get the best of my film making. I look forward to seeing what develops with the FLYBUBBLE CHANNEL, and hope to see many pilots over on FLY WITH GREG as well.”

Wow, exciting news! It’s been great having Greg working for Flybubble as part of our crew since 2008. How time flies! As well as a work colleague, Greg is a close friend of Carlo and Nancy at Flybubble. He continues to be, even after having suddenly flown the coop and dropped all Flybubble marketing tasks into Carlo’s already very full lap! We wish Greg all the very best with his exciting new venture and will of course continue to support him as much as we can, as we’ve always done.

Flybubble Nancy and Carlo

Flybubble: the next chapter!

This new direction marks a whole new chapter for Flybubble too.

We intend to continue developing the Flybubble YouTube channel with new talented creators worldwide. This has always been the vision for the channel since Carlo created it back in 2010.

This change was sudden and unexpected for Flybubble so we’ve had little time to find alternatives. Nancy and Carlo are still running Flybubble full time—serving our wonderful customers all around the world—whilst having to cope with and adapt to the new challenges which come with an unprecedented global pandemic crisis.

This means our YouTube channel and Patreon page are on temporary hiatus whilst we seek suitable alternatives. We’re keen to get these back on track with new content but cannot say now when, how, who or what exactly. We can however state that it will have to satisfy the high standards to which Flybubble fans and customers have become accustomed! 😊

Flybubble: New opportunities for freeflight media creators!

New opportunities for freeflight media creators!

This new flight path brings with it exciting new opportunities.

Talented freeflight media creators are invited to email us their exciting proposals.

Flybubble Patreon page

For our Flybubble Patreon page supporters, we’ve paused the subscriptions so no charges will be made. Once we have a clear offering to give for you we will let you know and give you plenty of notice before any charges are made so you can choose what you want to do.

For now you may stay subscribed to our Patreon page without charge, as you wish.

We thank you for your ongoing support and understanding in these challenging times, it is very much appreciated! 🥰

Flybubble: Exciting new skies bubbling up ahead!

Exciting new skies bubbling up ahead!

We’re excited to see where this new heading will take us!

We hope it will mean even more great content to further benefit the freeflight community.

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