Introducing the SUPAIR EONA 2 (EN A)

The EONA 2 is designed to help you when learning to paraglide, either as a school wing or your first wing purchase. Certified as EN-A, it offers five sizes covering a range from 50kg to 130kg.

According to Supair, it offers an easy inflation without a hard point or overshoot, which gives the student confidence. The 3-riser concept with colour coding simplifies handling the wing. The sleek lines layout is easy to untangle.

Once in the air the stability gives the wing a strong feeling of passive safety, while retaining a real gliding sensation and an aptitude for thermal flight.

Supair EONA 2: leading edge

What's new in the Supair EONA 2?

Improved inflation abilities

Supair EONA 2: ground handling

Longer brake travel

Supair EONA 2: trailing edge

Improved slow flight characteristics

Supair EONA 2: thumbs up

Also a more streamlined line layout, 300 grams lighter than the EONA and new slim risers.

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Supair EONA 2 Video