If you have an ALTIRANDO 3 harness from Supair, please take note! Two safety issues have been identified relating to the reserve parachute rotating inside its pocket and possible damage to the reserve pocket. 

If the emergency parachute does not have a snug fit inside the rescue pocket, it could rotate on itself while using the harness. The risers then roll up around the deployment handle and prevent a deployment. Inspect yours immediately. If your reserve fits snugly, all OK. If not, use the sewn partition in the harness to adjust the depth of the reserve pocket. If it's not the ideal size, you can order an extension from Supair.

20180628 Safety Note Altirando 3 - Reserve parachute rotating inside the container

During a crash test, Supair have noticed that the reserve parachute pocket could separate itself from the airbag base. When the pocket’s holding strap is torn off or the stitching damaged, the pocket is no longer securely held inside the airbag, and a reserve parachute extraction can become difficult if not impossible.

The pocket damage does not take place when the reserve parachute is inside the rescue pocket, but if used when empty damage is possible.

20180720 Safety Note Altirando 3 - Reserve parachute container could separate from airbag

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