Safety Notice: Woody Valley X-Rated7 reserve elastics (2) 30.03.2020

Further to the safety notice Woody Valley issued back in August 2018 about about the reserve compartment long elastics on their X-Rated7 (XR7) harnesses, they have issued another similar safety notice on 30.03.2020.

In brief, the long elastics securing the reserve compartment pins on the XR7 are made from bungee cord which tends to gradually overextend over time, eventually potentially compromising reserve deployment. There's a risk of one long elastic looping over the other, which could potentially compromise the opening of the reserve compartment and so hinder deployment of the reserve.

All XR7 owners must read and act on this safety notice before flying with it. The good news is that the check and fix are simple and easy.

These long elastics should be checked regularly and must be replaced at least every 12 months. Quoting from the Woody Valley X-Rated7 user manual:

"These closing elastics must be replaced ideally every 6 months, or compulsorily every 12 months when you refold your rescue chute, as periodically required."

See Woody Valley X-Rated7 reserve compartment long elastic

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