Safety Notice: Independence deployment bags

At the seam-line of the isolated upper loop which is used to attach the deployment handle, a perforation could possibly cause a material weakening of factory delivered deployment bags.  Please check immediately whether your deployment bag is part of the concerned production lots. The affected deployment bags can be distinguished either by the year of manufacture (earliest 6/2016 - see table in PDF) or their serial number. The best visible indication which distinguishes concerned bags, is their silver-coloured coating on the inside of the deployment bag and the lack of a reinforcing strap (as can be seen in the image).

The owners of affected deployment bags are obliged to check before flight, whether the isolated upper loop of the deployment bag is in use. If it is in use, the deployment bag needs to be replaced immediately! If one of the three loops in a row, which are placed between the labellings, is in use, the deployment bag does not necessarily need to be replaced.

Independence will replace all concerned deployment bags with a reinforced item for free. In order to be able to carry out the replacement correctly, the model as well as the serial number need to be quoted.

Download the full safety notice (1013KB) PDF