Safety Notice: Supair SORA 2 42

Following 2 incidents that occurred in the last few months, Supair's investigations, involving and lead by the swiss laboratory Air Turquoise, gave no indication of a particular structural flaw. We intend to look deeper in order to understand what has happened so as to find out if this is merely coincidental circumstances, or if it has as origin a specific problem.

While this investigation is underway and while waiting for the conclusions, which we will divulge to you completely, we ask that all pilots stop using the SORA 2 size 42.

We are fully aware of the difficulties which will be caused by this request, but in the case of the most minor doubt in what concerns safety it is the principle of precaution above all else which must be respected.

Rest assured that we will search for a resolution as rapidly as possible in order that you may fly and work serenely and in total confidence with your SORA 2 glider.

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