Coupe Icare 2017

  1. Advance & Companion at the Coupe Icare 2017

    Advance & Companion at the Coupe Icare 2017

    Plenty of news from Advance  this year, provided to us courtesy of Valery Chapuis, including the PROGRESS 3 reversible harness, PI BI lightweight double-surface tandem wing, OMEGA XALPS 2 hike-&-fly racing wing, IOTA 2 cross country (XC) wing, Companion SQR Light 'square-round' reserve, and some fab new clothing…

  2. 2017 Coupe Icare

    2017 Coupe Icare

    A whole Flybubble gaggle flew over to France to catch up on all the new products at the Coupe Icare in St Hilaire, and got to spend time with some of the industry’s top product designers and people; Gin Seok Song of Gin, Hannes Papesh of new brand Phi, Clement Latour of Supair, Philippe Medicus of Nova, Andrej Kolar of Naviter and Flytec, Urs Haari of High Adventure, Vincent Del Medico of Syride, Arne Wehrlin of Skywalk, Joerg Ewald at Volirium, Bruce Goldsmith of BGD, Denis Cortella of Kortel, and many more...

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