Choose The Right Paraglider

With so many brands and models to choose from, finding the perfect paraglider can be a real challenge. In this series of articles we will demystify the process, by considering various aspects that affect your choice, and help you choose the right paraglider for you.

Choosing The Right Paraglider

In our first article, we look at the differences between the various classes of paraglider, comparing them side by side. Pilots have different expectations of what the wing categories mean and blindly following the certification ratings can lead to some surprises. We find it useful to define paraglider classes according to pilot demands. We offer an analysis of the differences between classes, and some guidance on how to choose the right paraglider class for you.

In our second article, we compare the performance of some top paragliders in the same class, see how different they are, and how much difference it makes.

In our third article, we look at paraglider weight ranges and the effect that wing loading has on performance, stability and handling, and how to decide what’s best for you.

In our fourth article, we analyse probably the most subjective, yet generally the most important, aspect of choosing the right paraglider, wing handling.

In our fifth article, we investigate paraglider safety. What makes a safe paraglider?  We consider flight tests, pilot demands in active air, collapses, collapse resistance, recovery.

In our sixth article, having considered the various aspects and made your choice, we give advice on how to make the most out of testing the wing you’re considering buying, so you can end up choosing the right paraglider.

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