Thermaling tips for paraglider pilots (Nancy & Carlo)

Join Flybubble Paragliding some thermaling tips for paraglider pilots. In this series, Nancy Elliott and Carlo Borsattino from Flybubble provide in-flight commentary as they climb out on their paragliders, get to cloudbase, plan ahead, identify good cumulus, use the ground to identify lift patterns, wait at cloudbase, avoid other gliders and regroup to fly XC together.

Thermaling tips - part 1 (Nancy)

In this first episode, fresh from a week in the beautiful Colombian sky, Nancy Elliott shares her advice on circling techniques, finding the core, catching surges, going on glide, staying calm, using instruments, clouds, weightshift turns and harness control.

Enjoy some thermaling tips at a relaxed pace ... take your time and soak up the views!

Nancy demonstrates the calm control you need to optimise your climbs in weak conditions, combined with a continuous lookout for other pilots and signs of lift. This state of 'peaceful vigilance' is what you should aim for when trying to master thermaling. It comes partly from practice, partly from having equipment that matches your ability, so you are in tune with your aircraft and can focus on finding and feeling out the lift.


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