Final product checks: are they important?

In the unlikely event there's something wrong with a new wing, we offer the option that we complete final product checks for you when you purchase your new wing from us as part of our professional service. These important final checks must be completed before flying any new wing by either the dealer, the pilot or a suitably experienced pilot friend.

Not all dealers offer these checks, which can potentially put you at risk if you don't know what to look for. Why would someone avoid doing it? Well, it's time consuming. As well as the time it takes to complete the checks, you need to wait for suitable weather. Plus you need an experienced pilot with good ground handling skills and an eye for detail, like Flybubble Boris up there.

We know our customers are always very excited to get their new wings, so we try to get these final product checks done as fast as possible. We build ourselves some leeway by having very efficient supply chains and placing orders regularly, to minimize delays. However, due to various factors, this may take a few to several days to complete, possibly even weeks. We can only promise that we will do it as soon as we can and the weather allows.

If you are confident you can opt to complete the final product checks yourself, meaning you'll get your new wing quicker. However if you'd prefer us to do this for you, and you're happy to wait, then we're happy to provide the service as soon as we can for your peace of mind.

Flybubble crew checking new wings

Are these final product checks really necessary? Indeed they are! We only deal with brands that have proven their dedication to quality control. Nevertheless, mistakes can happen. When you consider the hundreds of elements that must be assembled by hand, and that there is hardly any tolerance for error, you'll see why it's important to scrutinize every wing.

Most of the time, there's nothing to see, and our work passes by unnoticed. Sometimes we do find things, mostly minor, like lines rigged incorrectly, stitching puckering the leading edge or dimples on the top surface. If we do find anything then we will inform you and arrange for any wrongs to put right, either by the manufacturer or an approved professional service centre like The Loft Workshop, so you receive your new wing exactly as it's meant to be.

You might have the opportunity to inspect you new wing yourself, and you must do so prior to flying, but maybe you thought you were going to check things before that big trip and then it never gets done. Then you're up on a rocky launch in Tenerife, the thermals are booming, the wing lifts, a gust pulls you off, and only then you notice the fault. Hair-raising!

Carlo inspecting a brand new wing for a Flybubble customer

That's why you'll see the Flybubble crew out on the hill checking over your new gear. Yes, your shiny new wing! We believe it's important work, because some things aren't immediately obvious and require a good feel.

It's hard to put a value on this, and we don't charge for the service: it's all included along with the advice and knowledge we share with our customers. We want to be sure you are safe, that you've made the right choice, and you've got a good deal (in that order).

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