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Supair TASKA (First Impressions)

The TASKA is Supair's first foray into the Performance Class (EN C). Aimed to deliver 'accessible performance' it is a semi-light construction, avoiding the compromises of extreme lightweight product while still being compact and easy to carry at only 4.5kg in the medium size. Carlo and Greg take to the skies to investigate the handling and character of the TASKA.

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Supair LEAF-LIGHT (First Impressions)

The Supair LEAF-LIGHT is based on their popular EN B wing, with a significant weight improvement making it one of the lightest gliders in its class. According the Supair, the technical advances achieved have not compromised the quality of construction. The LEAF-LIGHT retains the 3D shaping, Supair Smart Mini Ribs and sophisticated internal structure of the standard model.

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Nova MENTOR 5 (First impressions)

Carlo has flown the wing in a variety of conditions: "The level of pilot demand feels just right for ‘Mentor pilots’ i.e. at the mid level of the XC Class (high B range), both on the ground and in the air.

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Advance SIGMA 10 (First Impressions)

We collect some feedback from pilots about the new Advance SIGMA 10: Lewis John test flew our SIGMA 10 (27) demo on a spicy day with strong convergence; Alex Buck smashed his personal best XC on his first flight on his new SIGMA 10 (25); and Carlo shares some insights after over 10 hours of airtime on the wing.

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Niviuk SKIN 2 (First Impressions)

We had our first Niviuk SKIN 2 in the other day and our first impressions are that, as to be expected, it is even more impressive than the original Skin. Incredibly – almost stupidly – easy to inflate and ground handle in light to moderate winds; great for launching from tricky places!

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Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 (Review)

Dave Southern reports on the hike-and-fly combination of Advance PI 2 and EASINESS 2 (Skywings Magazine, January 2017). "The Pi 2 27 and Easiness 2 ‘security configuration’ are an excellent combination which should pass unnoticed by the most eagle-eyed flight desk attendant and go into the overhead lockers for air travel. All of your kit, including an ultralight reserve, could weigh less than 7kg and you’d still have a glider that is capable of good, safe XCs."

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Gin EXPLORER (Paraglider Review)

The Gin EXPLORER is “a lightweight sports performance wing aimed at seasoned XC pilots who want to fly a wing that’s comfortable, responsive and performant.” Nancy Elliott shares her first impressions based on her experience on the wing in UK spring conditions.

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Skywalk CHILI4 (Paraglider Review)

The Flybubble crew have now flown Skywalk's new high-end EN B wing, the CHILI4, a good amount in a variety of conditions. Carlo was charged with getting to know the CHILI4 intimately and then publish his findings. After numerous flights, lots of ground handling, and much poking and prodding, here they are.

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Gin Explorer demo wings land at Flybubble!

Holy Cow, Batman! Is that your new Gin Explorer demo wing?

We got our first new Gin Explorer demo in early January and Carlo managed to get out and have a brief play in light winds on a very beautiful sunny winter’s day.

First impressions of the Explorer are that the build quality is excellent, the wing has a very clean shape, the launch characteristics are well-balanced, and handling is responsive and moderately dynamic. Like a lightweight Carrera+ but with a slightly more compact feel.

The wing inflates and comes up easily, without any marked sticking point i.e. I didn’t find it showing a tendency to ‘pause’ or hang back on inflation, with or without risers. In light winds I didn’t notice the Carrera’s tendency to ‘reward’ a poor pilot’s inputs with the good ol’ pluck n plonk, but the real test of this will of course be in strong conditions.

As with the original Carrera and Carrera+, the Explorer requires some finesse to get it to come up straight, however if you do bring it up skew then this is relatively easy to correct with good technique.

Another similar trait to it’s two siblings is that the Explorer is quite reactive to relatively short brake travel, yet still tolerates relatively deep inputs and gives good of warning before the stall point is reached, giving it a performance class feel with XC class demands in this regard.

As well as a good bit of ground handling, some kiting around the hill, about a dozen launches and a bit of scratchy soaring, I had opportunity to throw a few small wing overs. The Explorer responds smartly to inputs, builds speed quickly and converts this speed efficiently into energy – excellent for wing overs, again very similar to the Carrera and Carrera+.

We’ll need to fly it more – a lot more – to be sure however first impressions are that the Explorer is a very similar level of glider, with similar levels of pilot demand, to the Carrera+ i.e. a bit less demanding that the original Carrera.

More to follow as soon as possible…

More about the Gin Explorer.

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