Product Tips

Nova Service Info & FAQs

Service information and answers to some frequently asked questions about Nova Paragliders, for example:

  • Can I shorten the brake lines on a NOVA wing?

  • How do I hold the brake line correctly?

  • Does Nova test the materials used?

  • How should NOVA wings be stored?

  • What is the performance of my NOVA wing? How fast will it fly?

  • How should NOVA wings be packed?

  • When should I send my wing for its first NOVA Trim Tuning (NTT)?

  • I would like to try a NOVA paraglider. Who should I contact?

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Syride SYS’NAV V3 Tips

The Syride SYS'NAV V3 is a lightweight flight instrument packed with features.

This growing resource collects tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your instrument.

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Convert TNP or OpenAir to Naviter CUB using SeeYou

Convert TNP or OpenAir to Naviter CUB using SeeYou

NB: This tip is for Naviter SeeYou software, however the resulting airspace files can be used for the Oudie 3 (and others).

How to convert Tim Newport-Peace* (TNP) or OpenAir** (OA) airspace files to Naviter CUB files using SeeYou software:

1) Open the TNP or OA airspace file you want to convert in SeeYou: File > Open, select file, Open.

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Naviter Oudie Paragliding Tips

The Oudie for paragliding is a powerful all-in-one flight instrument, specially designed for freeflight. Although it can be used straight out of the box, to get the most out of the Oudie you need to spend time reading the manual and learning how it works - just like any other flight instrument or software!

The following tips, compiled by the Flybubble crew, are meant as a supplement (not replacement) to the manual.

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Flymaster Live SD: Review and Tips

The Flymaster Live SD is a top-of-the-range flight instrument offering advanced competition features and live tracking. Flybubble Team Pilot PHIL CLARK checks out the features and offers advice on getting the most out of this great unit.

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