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Best paragliding harness (with EPSILON 9)?

Greg was testing the EPSILON 9 and Carlo added a curveball: why not review the wing using three different harnesses from Advance, to compare the feeling? We test the Easiness 2, Success 4 and Lightness 3 to identify the best match.

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How to deploy from the LIGHTNESS 3

A few pilots reported more resistance than expected when simulating reserve parachute (rescue) deployments in the Advance Lightness 3. We ran tests and compatibility checks using different techniques and angles. Carlo demonstrates the correct technique as explained in the manual: pull to the side.

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Getting the most out of the Advance IOTA 2

A wing like the Advance IOTA 2 is a complex construction with many features specifically designed to increase performance. If you want so much performance, and you want to keep the wing performing at its best, you need to take more care with it. I interviewed the Advance development team for some insight on getting the most out of the IOTA 2.

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Adding tasks to Oudie (Paragliding)

Adding tasks to the Oudie for paragliding is relatively easy, once you know how. Since every pilot thinks differently, Naviter have designed the Oudie to be flexible, often with more than one way to do things, so that each individual can choose their preferred method. For example, there are various methods by which tasks can be added and activated on the Oudie. This article outlines a few of these.

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The Loft Paraglider Servicing and Repair

The Loft is a well-known paraglider repair and service centre based on the South Coast of England that’s been going since 1998, they repair wings, harnesses and even kite surfing equipment. For a lot of UK pilots, a season isn’t complete without using their services, so I went along to Newhaven to learn a little more about the company, the man behind it, and what goes into servicing a wing.

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Compression Packing: Keep Your Paraglider Flat

There are many methods to pack up a wing; this is the one that I use all the time. I like super-light, super-simple. So although concertina bags are very useful, especially for competition gliders and gliders with lots of reinforcing, I’ll show you a method you can use if you don’t want a concertina bag or haven’t got it with you.

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Nova Service Info & FAQs

Service information and answers to some frequently asked questions about Nova Paragliders, for example:

  • Can I shorten the brake lines on a NOVA wing?

  • How do I hold the brake line correctly?

  • Does Nova test the materials used?

  • How should NOVA wings be stored?

  • What is the performance of my NOVA wing? How fast will it fly?

  • How should NOVA wings be packed?

  • When should I send my wing for its first NOVA Trim Tuning (NTT)?

  • I would like to try a NOVA paraglider. Who should I contact?

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Syride SYS’Nav V3 Tips

The Syride SYS'NAV V3 is a lightweight flight instrument packed with features.

This growing resource collects tips and tricks to help you get the most out of your instrument.

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