The Niviuk Arrow and Hawk harnesses stands out for remarkable comfort and design quality, making it an excellent choice for pilots who prioritize these aspects. With semi-light pod construction, they offers a blend of weight and rigidity that enhances both in-flight and on-ground comfort. Niviuk Arrow and Hawk harnesses are pretty much the same. The difference is just in the fairing. The both harnesses are also visually appealing. Their sleek designs, combined with high-quality materials and elegant colour choices, make them some of the best-looking harnesses on the market. The tail fairing on Arrow is well-sized and inflates nicely, contributing to both the harness's aesthetic and aerodynamic performance.

Comfort and Design

The comfort provided by the Arrow and Hawk harness is exceptional. It surpasses other semi-light pod harnesses, such as the Advance Lightness 3, in terms of in-flight comfort. The Arrow harness's design emphasizes comfort, with a full seat board that distributes weight evenly, reducing pressure points, and a soft front edge that prevents the seat board from digging into the back of your legs. This feature makes it comfortable even during extended flights. The harness is built to last, with reinforcements in critical areas and high-quality materials.

Handling and Stability

In terms of handling, the Arrow and Hawk harness offers a superb balance. It leans slightly towards a weight-shifted control style, which is more pronounced than the Supair Delight 4, but less so than the Gin Genie X Lite. This balance makes it versatile for pilots who prefer a range of handling dynamics. The harness also exhibits excellent authority, providing a stable and controlled flying experience similar to heavier competition harnesses like the Impress 4.

Build Quality and Durability

The build quality of the both,  Arrow and Hawk harness is outstanding. Over several months of use, including running, jumping, and performing wingovers, the harnesses have shown minimal signs of wear. Areas that typically experience high stress, such as the leg straps and speed bag attachments, have held up exceptionally well. The bungee system is positioned correctly for ease of use, making entry into the speed bag smooth and hassle-free. Cobra buckles are high-quality, secure, and easy to operate, adding to the overall safety and functionality. This durability suggests that Niviuk has prioritized long-term use over achieving the lightest possible weight. Shoulder straps are comfortable with a good balance of padding. They stay in place well and provide excellent support both on the ground and in the air.

Storage and Usability

The storage options in the Arrow harness are well-designed. The main back compartment offers ample space, it fits a backpack and other gear efficiently, while additional pockets for essentials like a camelback and keys add convenience. Additional side pockets provide more storage, although they could be larger to accommodate longer items like a camera pole. The cockpit flight deck is particularly noteworthy, providing easy access to instruments and personal items.

Protection and Comfort

The harness features a foam protector, which is practical and reliable. Unlike inflatable protectors that offer good protection until they pop, foam protectors don't puncture and require no inflating or deflating. This compressible foam is preferable over rigid protectors, which may be thinner but can be less comfortable. Soft pocket filler can be filled with soft items, adding extra protection. Avoid placing hard objects under your seat.

Adjustment System

The adjustment system uses lines with knots, allowing easy loosening and tightening without slippage. Little tags make undoing loops easier. This system is durable, lightweight, and user-friendly compared to fiddly buckles or tent-like devices.

Three-Step Speed Bar System

Integrated into the speed bag, it features a well-designed adjustment system. Two bungees at the bottom keep it in place, and webbing ensures the steps don't bend or twist. Easy to use with well-routed lines and a smooth pulley system. Adjustments are simple and don't slip, maintaining a clean and tidy setup.

Reserve System

 A straightforward handle attached by Hook and loop fasteners ensures easy access. Integrated reserve bridles are light and efficient.

Versatility and Performance

Removable seat board allows conversion to a hammock-style harness, making it narrower and more adaptable for slim pilots. Excellent control and stability make it suitable for SIV maneuvers and semi-aerobatic flying. The under-pocket ballast container can be used for carrying extra weight, enhancing the harness's versatility. Under seat pocket has a litle bit more space theen 7 liters (size L) , like Niviuk says.


Ideal for both first-time pod users and experienced pilots, this pod offers a balance of stability, weight shift control, supreme comfort, and good protection, making it a versatile choice.


Despite its many strengths, the Arrow harness does have some limitations. Its pack size is relatively bulky, and it does not fold compactly, which can be inconvenient for transport and storage. Additionally, while it is reasonably lightweight, it is not the lightest option in its category. 


Overall, the Arrow and Hawk harnesses excels in comfort, practicality, build quality, and handling. Its thoughtful design details, robust build, and user-friendly features make it a top contender for pilots looking for a semi-light pod harness While it may not be the most compact or lightest harness available, its durability and performance more than compensate for these minor drawbacks. Whether you're considering it as your first pod or looking for an upgrade, the Arrow harness is definitely worth a look.

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