Nova ION 7 & ION 7 Light review

We recently had the opportunity to test the Nova ION 7 and ION 7 Light extensively in both the UK and the Bassano Dolomites. Here's a detailed review based on our experiences.

Ground handling and launching

The ION 7 excels in a variety of conditions, from UK slopes to alpine mountains. The glider rises steadily during a reverse launch, without surging upwards too quickly, allowing for controlled and smooth takeoffs. Building a wall and handling the glider on the ground is intuitive and straightforward. The short lines contribute to a direct and responsive connection with the wing, making it easy to manage and correct during setup.

The lighter materials of the ION 7 Light make it slightly more susceptible to stronger winds, but it remains easy to inflate and handle in lighter winds, similar to the ION 7.

In the Air

Pilot Demands: Both wings are classified as low B, making them suitable for a broad range of pilots, including those stepping up from beginner gliders. Their aspect ratio is around 5.1-5.2, typical for this category.

Turning: Initially, both wings felt a bit sluggish in turns, especially compared to higher aspect ratio wings like the Tenor 2. The initial brake travel doesn't do much, but with added weight shift and deeper brake input, the glider becomes more responsive and engaging, particularly in thermic conditions.


The ION 7 and ION 7 Light handle both light and strong conditions well. They shine in stronger thermals and alpine environments, offering stability and confidence even in turbulent air.

Big ears are easy to hold in, though they require a bit of effort to pop out. The speed bar is moderate in pressure and offers a good amount of speed, though the last bit of travel can make the glider feel a bit edgy. The glide ratio remains competitive, especially in straight and level flight.

Handling and stability

Both wings are pitch-stable, making them forgiving and less prone to pilot-induced oscillations. The feedback is balanced—enough to feel the air but not so much that it becomes overwhelming.


The ION 7 is capable of handling beginner Acro maneuvers like SATs and possibly helicopters, offering a versatile platform for pilots looking to expand their skills. The ION 7 is playful and fun for maneuvers like wingovers. Spirals are easy to enter and control, with less tendency to lock in compared to previous models.


Both the Nova ION 7 and ION 7 Light are exceptional low B wings, offering a great balance of ease of use, performance, and safety. They are particularly well-suited for pilots looking to progress from beginner gliders or those who fly in varied conditions, from the gentle hills of the UK to the rugged mountains of the Dolomites. Their forgiving nature, combined with the capability for advanced maneuvers, makes them a solid choice for a wide range of pilots.

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