Old gear in storage? Get credit for it, or upcycle it!

Do you have old paragliding, speed flying or paramotoring gear in storage that you're not using? You may be able to trade it in with us for new gear, or have it upcycled. Save money, and help save the environment!

Trade in your old gear for new

For used free flight gear that's still airworthy, in at least good condition and meeting our basic criteria, we offer part-exchange (PX) against new free flight gear.

To enquire, email us with basic details of the gear that you want to PX and the new gear that you'd like to buy from us.

Get credit for grounded gear

For old wings and harnesses which are no longer airworthy (or worth servicing) but still in reasonable condition¹ and suitable for ground handling only (GHO) use, we also give gear credit.

To apply, email us with basic details of the wing or harness including its make, model, size, and, for a wing, its all-up weight range.

Old gear in storage

Get rid of your old gear

If you don't want gear credit and just want to get rid of your old gear then, as long as it's in reasonable condition¹ and at least suitable for ground handling, we can take it off your hands.

To enquire, email us with basic details of the gear that you want to move on.

Upcycle your old gear

Lastly, if your gear doesn't qualify for any of the above, but is still in reasonable condition¹, some companies offer an upcycling service.

Based in the United Kingdom, The Loft Workshop - a free flight service and repair centre - will pass suitable old gear on to others to upcycle. An example might be a local school, where the children will have fun making stuff out of it!

Or a sports and outdoors equipment upcycling company based in France, Redeem Equipment, will upcycle your old tent, paraglider, kitesurf gear, boat sail, climbing rope, backpack or similar.

The Swiss-based paraglider upcycling company paraCyclage will make accessories and colourful jackets from old paragliders.

Based in the US, OffChutes upcycles paragliders and parachutes into unique handmade items.

Old gear in storage

None of the above?

If the gear is unairworthy and in bad condition (filthy, mouldy or smelly) or unsuitable even for ground handling only use, then we unfortunately can't take it, and it won’t be suitable for upcycling, so you'll have to dispose of it yourself - sorry!

As far as we know, there's nowhere that recycles the materials which paragliding gear is made from, unfortunately. If you're willing to spend time taking the gear apart you might be able to recycle some parts, such as the metal components. Check with your local recycling centre.

¹ Neither mucky, mouldy, moth-eaten nor malodorous.