UK CAA EC rebate scheme (save up to £250 if AOK)

The UK CAA is granting rebates of up to £250 of the purchase cost of 'EC devices' (certain flight instruments) to those who meet the requirements of their EC rebate scheme—until the funding is used up, the maximum number of rebates granted, or the closing date is reached, whichever comes first.

UK CAA EC rebate scheme

To encourage the adoption of Electronic Conspicuity (EC) within the UK’s General Aviation (GA) and Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) communities, the UK's Department for Transport (DfT) launched an EC funding scheme in October 2020. The UK’s Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) is charged with distributing these funds via a rebate scheme. Full details on the CAA website here. Abridged, free flight specific version below.

Current UK residents meeting the requirements of the scheme can claim a 50% rebate of the purchase cost of an EC device purchased between 1st October 2020 and the closing date to a maximum of £250.00 (including VAT), per applicant. The scheme will remain open to applications until the funding is used, the maximum number of rebates granted, or the closing date is reached, whichever comes first.

Closing date 31/03/2024 (or until the funding is used)

Am I eligible for the rebate?

For free flight¹ pilots, current UK resident who are current BHPA members holding a current Club Pilot (CP) rating or above are eligible to apply for the rebate.

Which free flight devices are eligible?

Devices that transmit FLARM (an acronym based on 'flight alarm') are included in the scheme, which includes ones which feature a 'Flarm Beacon' (Flarm transmitter) including FANET+. See Freeflight Instruments FAQ

See all instruments we offer featuring a Flarm Beacon (and so qualify for the rebate).

How to apply

  1. First purchase the eligible EC device. We'll send you a receipt as proof of purchase.
  2. Next login or register for an account on the CAA online customer portal (one-off process).
  3. When the CAA have verified the checks an 'account approval' email should follow. This takes about a week.
  4. Now you can complete the rebate form online.
    1. Log into your account on the CAA online customer portal.
    2. Under the 'Your Services' section fill out the EC rebate online application form².

Assuming you meet the eligibility criteria and your application is successful, you can expect a payment to your bank account after 30 working days. Happy days!

Please note: The current turnaround time for receiving your EC rebate (including Portal registration) is up to 30 working days. To help the CAA EC Rebate Team process the large number of applications they ask that pilots wait to raise applications until they have received all of the information and documentation required to apply and kindly ask that once you have successfully completed the application form you do not contact the team to chase your application until the 30 days is up. 


For all enquiries about the UK CAA EC rebate scheme please contact the CAA EC rebate team directly on [email protected].

For full details on the UK CAA EC rebate scheme see the CAA website.


¹ Free flight: paragliding, hang gliding, speed flying and paramotoring.

² You will be asked to supply details (bank details and your BHPA membership number and rating) and evidence of your purchase (a scan of the EC device receipt).