Photo finalists – Foot or Flybubble 2012

Best photo gallery

Phil Clark “Sun in front of Truleigh”

Sun in front of Truleigh


Ed Bewley “On the way to Beachy Head”

Ed's field


Phil Clark “A bit windy”

a bit windy


Ed Bewley “A new dawn”

New dawn


James Hope-Lang “Wings on Caburn”

Wings on caburn


Tracy “Man trouble”

Man trouble


Ed Bewley “Approaching Firle”

Approaching Firle


James Hope-Lang “Can I go home now, sweetie?”

James dead legs


Ed Bewley “Fields of Gold”

Fields of gold


Phil Clark “Nancy’s sky (from 10,000ft)”

Nancy's sky


(in response to one of our staff pictures, Nancy’s Sky)

Nancy's sky