Safety Notice: Charly QUICK-OUT karabiners

Important note for all Quick-Out karabiner users! Please observe the safety message Quick-Out carabiner 4.2019 and check your karabiners accordingly before the next take off. There may be Quick-outs in use which can release when only one of the two release buttons is depressed. 

Please check your stock and/or flying kit to ensure that your Quick-outs will not release unless both buttons are depressed.  The simplest way to check this is to follow the standard closing procedure: the insertion of the Quick-out should click into place by strongly pressing it down (without pressing the release buttons simultaneously). A faulty release button prevents this.

DO NOT FLY WITH FAULTY ITEMS! Return them for replacement.

Flybubble further recommends that users of Quick-outs should only ‘arm’ the release system (by pushing up the red covers) just before flaring to land.

Read the full safety notice