Safety Notice: Ozone OZIUM 2 (red alert)

This concerns all Ozium 2 harnesses. There is a potential safety issue with the Ozium 2 reserve parachute pod and handle. The handle can become detached from the inner pod during the parachute extraction process. This could lead to a failure of the deployment system.

Action required: Mandatory replacement of all Ozium 2 reserve deployment pods.

The reserve deployment pod on all Ozium 2 harnesses MUST be replaced before next use. The new pods are currently in production. The new updated pods are clearly identifiable by the yellow reserve pins and extra reinforcement around the material joining the pod to the handle. The original incorrect pods have clear plastic reserve pins.

We recommend you to not fly your Ozium 2 until the pod has been replaced. For any questions regarding the replacement of the handle, please contact OZONE.

This is a separate issue to the one reported earlier in the year regarding the zip compartment on Ozone Ozium 2 

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