Supair EVO LITE 2 Harness Review & Test

The Supair EVO LITE 2 harness excels in several areas, making it a standout choice for a wide range of paragliding pilots. While it works very well as a pod, it's not quite as good at being a pod harness as a fully dedicated pod harness e.g. the Supair Delight 4. Compared to its predecessor, the Evo Lite, Flybubble Nancy and Carlo feel that overall the Evo Lite 2 is a very nicely executed evolution of this. Supair have wisely kept all of the good aspects of the original, which we think made it so successful - it was a bestseller, highly praised - whilst improving the overall design and many details. It even looks better, I think most will agree (not that the previous version looked bad, it's more the new version looks really good). 

Although the total weight of the new version is similar - slightly less, with more included - the new design means it folds and packs down significantly smaller (in a similar way to how Advance's standard open harnesses fold). Despite the many significant improvements and an expanded package (now including reserve bridles and a speed system) Supair somehow even managed to reduce the price of the new model in the face of generally rising costs. The included reserve bridles are Supair's high quality Dyneema ones, which are lightweight yet strong. Unlike some harnesses the reserve bridles are removable, which is a nice bonus should you wish to fit a steerable reserve e.g. High Adventure Beamer 3 / light (Rogallo style) or Charly Diamond- or Target- Cross (square/cruciform style).

On the Ground

The EVO LITE 2 impresses with its lightweight and compact design. Getting into the harness is straightforward, thanks to its simple setup system involving just two waist clips and a chest strap. The standard adjustments for height, side, depth, and front ensure you can fine-tune the harness for optimal comfort. Notably, it avoids the common issue of seat plates digging into the thighs when standing or walking, providing a comfortable experience even while waiting on the ground.


Our initial flights revealed that proper setup and stance are crucial for a smooth launch. Once adjusted, the harness positions you comfortably, allowing for an easy transition from standing to seated position. The optional foot stirrup aids significantly in this process, especially for pilots transitioning from standard to pod harnesses, ensuring a smoother and more controlled takeoff.

In the Air

Flying the EVO LITE 2 is a joy. In standard configuration, it provides excellent comfort and stability, making it ideal for soaring and gentle thermaling. The harness strikes a perfect balance in weight-shift responsiveness—it’s neither too weight-shifty nor too rigid, offering a stable and controlled flying experience. This makes it suitable for a broad spectrum of pilots, from those who prefer a relaxed flying style to those who engage in more dynamic maneuvers.

Transition and Adaptability

One of the standout features of the EVO LITE 2 is its adaptability. It can transition from a standard harness to one with a foot stirrup and then to a full pod harness with a speed bag. This flexibility is particularly beneficial for pilots looking to progress in their flying skills without needing to purchase multiple harnesses. The speed bag is easy to attach and enhances the harness's responsiveness, providing better control and efficiency during turns.

Speed System and Comfort

At first glance the included speed system seems a bit basic but later you realise that it's been cleverly designed / optimised such that works well with in all three 'modes': naked, foot stirrup and pod. A more fancy speed system with stiff bar would not have worked well with the pod, meaning you'd have to buy a speedbag compatible speed system and change this over. 

Notably, the harness maintains its comfort even when the speed bar is engaged, avoiding pressure points and ensuring a smooth experience.

Overall Comfort and Stability

Whether performing wingovers, spirals, or gentle turns, the EVO LITE 2 provides the right balance of stability and responsiveness. In more thermic conditions, the harness continues to deliver a comfortable and enjoyable flying experience, allowing you to focus on the flight rather than the equipment.

Ideal User

The Supair EVO LITE 2 is versatile, catering to both new pilots and more experienced ones. Its ability to serve as a standard harness, a harness with a foot stirrup, and a full pod harness makes it a cost-effective and practical choice. The consistent comfort and familiarity across different configurations mean you won’t have to adjust to a new harness each time you want to try a different flying style.


  • Suitable for a wide range of pilots and flying styles.
  • Durable and complete, yet light and compact.
  • Position adjustable from upright to semi-reclined.
  • Excellent comfort, both on the ground and in flight, with plenty of adjustment.
  • Nicely balanced 'Goldilocks' handling; nicely weight-shifty, not too unstable.
  • Well-designed reserve system and handle and container, volume 3.5-7L.
  • Compatible with most model solo reserves container, volume 3.5-7L.
  • In open mode, works very well with the Supair cockpits.
  • Good storage, very good build quality, excellent value for money.
  • Optional foot stirrup with attachment system to keep safe from the reserve.
  • Optional speedbag converts to a nice pod harness, exceptionally easy to fit.
  • Speed system works for all three modes: naked, foot stirrup, and pod.


  • Not the cheapest standard open harness (not the most expensive either).
  • As a pod harness, not quite as good as a dedicated pod (but very good).
  • Not the largest storage volume of all (but good, not the least).
  • Reserve handle could be a bit neater (but fine, no issues).
  • Speed system connection could be a bit neater (but fine).
  • Included speed bar could be a bit higher quality (but fine).
  • Build quality not as good as Advance (similar to others).


The Supair EVO LITE 2 harness is a well-designed, versatile piece of equipment that adapts to various flying styles and pilot needs. Its comfort, stability, and ease of use make it an excellent choice for pilots at different stages of their paragliding journey. Whether you're soaring, thermaling, or transitioning to more advanced flying, the EVO LITE 2 provides a reliable and enjoyable experience.

Supair EVO LITE 2 Video review

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