1. Naviter Oudie 5 review

    Naviter Oudie 5 review

    The Oudie 5 offers everything you need to fly at any level, including XC and competitions. It has a very bright screen with 100% touch screen interface. The Oudie 5 Pro is a big update on its predecessor. It has Electronic Conspicuity (FANET+) for the first time, a higher capacity battery, and a more advanced main processor board. In this review we provide an overview of the functions, a guide to setting it up and a report of our experiences with the Oudie 5 in flight.

  2. Naviter Oudie 3: Flight Instrument Review

    Naviter Oudie 3: Flight Instrument Review

    Naviter claim that the Oudie 3 is easy to use, requires no installation and works right out of the box. So for my first flights with it I did just that and, to my happy surprise, it worked just fine!

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