Greg was testing the EPSILON 9 and Carlo added a curveball: why not review the wing using three different harnesses from Advance, to compare the feeling?

Beginning with the EASINESS 2, a split-leg reversible harness (it inverts to form a backpack) - there's clear roll feedback from left or right wing that helps identify the lift, giving the impression of two wings joined in the middle. The flexibility of the harness helps to provide some softening of the bumps while retaining the instant transfer of information. It provided the best 'feel' of the Epsilon 9 (out of the three tested) and is very pleasant to fly, although it's a very upright flying position that isn't suited to long cross country flights. Now there's also the updated EASINESS 3 to consider.

The classic semi-reclined SUCCESS 4 produced more cohesive, instant feedback but a harder ride, more like a sports car. The harness is very well balanced and provides maximum impact protection, but it certainly changed the feeling of the wing - you can feel everything. Unless you're wanting to play around with acro and love the contact, you might prefer to match this harness with a slightly softer wing with slower reactions - like the Advance Alpha 6.

Using the sleek pod harness LIGHTNESS 3 gave the wing a calm, saloon-car feel with carving turns, slowed down reactions and feedback that came toned down by shock absorbers. Ultimate comfort and serene gliding, but not as much direct control. This makes the Lightness 3 a better match for the ultra-responsive Sigma 10 and the Iota 2. 

Based on this test I'd recommend having a look at the PROGRESS 3 which could be the perfect match for the EPSILON 9, because it offers more comfort and will yield a similar feel while keeping your kit small and light. 

The harness you own has a large effect on what you feel in the air. An inexperienced pilot might think there were three different wings overhead during my tests of the Epsilon 9. It's also important to have the correct fit, optimal setting, and suitable wing match. It's why we spend so much time with you to understand your complete kit and your flying style to make sure you get the right harness.

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