Thermal Hunting: Finding thermal sources and trigger points

Time is running out and we must find lift, or land within minutes! Get a front row seat as we search for that elusive thermal source. Is it in the mountains or flatlands? Where will a thermal form? Where does it go? Let's find out.

In this video we talk about finding thermals. We'll fly over a classic thermal trigger and talk you through what to do how to find the thermal. Where it's likely to be and how to core it. We'll give you some examples of good spots to look for thermals so you can stay in the sky.

This tutorial follows on from the early morning flight explained in Paragliding On The Rocks: How To Become An Early Riser

In this episode we cover: danger areas, searching strategies, coring techniques, alternating lift sources, wind drift, trigger lines, bracketing a thermal, establishing a pattern.


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