Coming soon: Nova MENTOR 5

For many years the MENTOR has been setting the standard for XC-intermediate wings. It combines impressive performance with a high degree of passive safety and it encourages you to exceed your boundaries. Using strength analysis optimisation and flow simulation, Nova have elevated the MENTOR 5 to a new performance level. Sizes XS, S, M and L sizes have been certified as EN/LTF B.

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Companion SQR 220 (tandem reserve parachute)

Companion revealed the SQR 220 tandem reserve, ​adding a fourth size to the SQR range. With an unrivalled weight of only 2.37 kg for ​​61.9 m2 the SQR 220 sets a new standard for tandem reserves​, despite being made of robust regular materials.​​

SQR stands for Square Round, a fusion of round and cross canopies.

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Gin Explorer demo wings land at Flybubble!

Holy Cow, Batman! Is that your new Gin Explorer demo wing?

We got our first new Gin Explorer demo in early January and Carlo managed to get out and have a brief play in light winds on a very beautiful sunny winter’s day.

First impressions of the Explorer are that the build quality is excellent, the wing has a very clean shape, the launch characteristics are well-balanced, and handling is responsive and moderately dynamic. Like a lightweight Carrera+ but with a slightly more compact feel.

The wing inflates and comes up easily, without any marked sticking point i.e. I didn’t find it showing a tendency to ‘pause’ or hang back on inflation, with or without risers. In light winds I didn’t notice the Carrera’s tendency to ‘reward’ a poor pilot’s inputs with the good ol’ pluck n plonk, but the real test of this will of course be in strong conditions.

As with the original Carrera and Carrera+, the Explorer requires some finesse to get it to come up straight, however if you do bring it up skew then this is relatively easy to correct with good technique.

Another similar trait to it’s two siblings is that the Explorer is quite reactive to relatively short brake travel, yet still tolerates relatively deep inputs and gives good of warning before the stall point is reached, giving it a performance class feel with XC class demands in this regard.

As well as a good bit of ground handling, some kiting around the hill, about a dozen launches and a bit of scratchy soaring, I had opportunity to throw a few small wing overs. The Explorer responds smartly to inputs, builds speed quickly and converts this speed efficiently into energy – excellent for wing overs, again very similar to the Carrera and Carrera+.

We’ll need to fly it more – a lot more – to be sure however first impressions are that the Explorer is a very similar level of glider, with similar levels of pilot demand, to the Carrera+ i.e. a bit less demanding that the original Carrera.

More to follow as soon as possible…

More about the Gin Explorer.

Want to try our Gin Explorer demo? Contact us to arrange a test flight!

Flybubble News January 2017

In this edition: we investigate reserve parachutes, review the latest wings, and as always share some safety notices, tips and uplifting images to help you fly into 2017.

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The Nova SPEEDMAX 2 is a high-performance paramotor wing with soft-reflex designed for recreational and advanced pilots (not beginners) aimed at pilots who are looking for an efficient paramotor wing that is fun to fly. The wing combines high speed with easy launch characteristics and forgiving flight behaviour. Nova claims impressive performance, a high level of stability and balanced handling.

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Ozone SwiftMAX

The Swift Max is designed for experienced tandem pilots who seek a light-weight high-performance XC machine for personal tandem adventures. The Swift Max is a new concept for OZONE and is very different to the Magnum series, which is designed to satisfy the needs of a commercial tandem operation. The Swift Max is based on the popular Swift series (the lightweight versions of the high B Rush), and features the performance features including the new SharkNose, an advanced arc, and low drag line plan. Using Skytex 27 and N20D on the leading edge as well as many design innovations brings the weight down to 7kg. Aspect 5.55 EN C (150-210kg).

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Happy Winter Solstice 2016!

Hello and goodbye to the shortest day and longest night of the year! From here on the days get a little longer, the nights a tiny bit shorter and the sun a wee bit warmer. Before too long we'll be climbing in winter thermals (whilst wearing our winter thermals) and going XC. Looking forward to many nice flights and fun adventures - big and small - in 2017!

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Naviter tops the Paragliding World in 2016

It was another great year for Naviter and their paragliding team pilots! In Spring, Naviter released two new flight instruments: the Oudie 4, for ambitious paraglider pilots who want it all; and the Oudie 4 Basic, for those who don't require paragliding competition functionality. Then they integrated TopMeteo weather forecasts into their SeeYou flight software. Later in the year they became owners of the oldest and largest brand of freeflight instruments, Flytec. Naviter team pilots won many races and championships – congrats to them all, including World Champion and world record holder, Honorin Hamard.

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